Technology IOS 11 brings NFC smarts to more apps
Author: 0 IOS 11 brings NFC smarts to more apps

The Games and Apps tabs will present new apps selected by the store's editors as well as resurface older apps you might have not used in a while. iOS 11 comes with a new feature called Offload Unused Apps . These are our first impressions and if you're on the fence about whether to download the first beta, they could help you make the right decision for you and your device.

Technology Metroid Returns With Two New Games Announced at E3
Author: 0 Metroid Returns With Two New Games Announced at E3

There's been something of an exodus of talent at Retro since Metroid Prime 3 came out a decade ago. Nintendo's E3 streams are technically over, but boy do they love to surprise us. Naturally, no such news would be complete without corresponding Amiibo to complement the new games, and this year's announcements are no different.

Technology IOS 11 Files App Will Feature Dropbox Support
Author: 0 IOS 11 Files App Will Feature Dropbox Support

With ProMotion, Apple Pencil is more responsive with a 20-millisecond latency for more fluid and natural drawing. Rather, it can also serve as a great entertainment device as well given that it relies on spatial awareness technology that makes the speaker better aware of the space it is in.

Technology IOS 11 Lets You Stop Apps From Always Tracking Your Location
Author: 0 IOS 11 Lets You Stop Apps From Always Tracking Your Location

Its primary objective has been to create an option for people with brightness sensitivity or some colour blindness but with iOS 11, it extends the branch for a more generic usage. For the Apple Watch, the company introduced new health and music features, plus new watch faces, including one that uses Siri to display pertinent information, like appointments, across the day.

Technology Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C
Author: 0 Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C

This should get developers thinking about how they can use the camera to enhance the user experience of their app. Apple has been known to pull some features from time to time if they believe they're not ready. Simply tap the "Send Password" button, and the other device will autofill the password and connect. But, hold your horses as iOS 11 is still in its beta stage.

Technology Apple WWDC 2017 Announcement Round-up: The HomePod, Augmented Reality and iOS 11
Author: 0 Apple WWDC 2017 Announcement Round-up: The HomePod, Augmented Reality and iOS 11

As you might expect from a keynote that stretched well past two hours, iOS 11 was allocated a fair amount of stage time. iOS 11 was first shown off earlier this week, and it's available to developers now. Until that happens, it won't make sense for Apple to release any AR hardware specific to iOS devices. Not only that, but MacRumors points out that iOS 11 will now give users some recommendations for clearing up space as well.

Author: 0 How to Download and Install the New iOS 11 (Beta)

The new WiFi sharing feature in iOS 11 works like magic. Creating an archived backup of iOS 10 through iTunes or iCloud is a crucial first step, because it ensures that you can always downgrade back to your regular iOS 10 if the beta version of iOS 11 is not your cup of tea.

Author: 0 Siri, speakers and software: Highlights from the Apple show

Either way, we won't know for sure until the HomePod launches in December . HomePod is created to work with an Apple Music subscription for access to over 40 million songs . Plus, with HomePod's "Shared Up Next" feature , everyone in your home can have a say on what songs are coming up. As we expected, Siri is embedded in the HomePod , so users can get updates on news, send messages etc.

Technology Apple unveils an Amazon Echo competitor
Author: 0 Apple unveils an Amazon Echo competitor

Not a shocking move on Apple's part. A smart speaker utilizing an underachieving voice assistant could dampen interest in the product. Today at WWDC 2017 , Apple announced its long-rumoured smart speaker solution. Apple said the speakers have "spatial awareness" that adjusts the speaker's sound levels to the acoustic conditions of the particular room. Ask her to play something new or play more like what you're listening to, and Siri will happily oblige.

Author: 0 Apple Joins Smart-Speaker Race With Music-Focused 'HomePod'

The move positions Apple to compete with popular payments apps such as Square Cash and Venmo.There will also be a new Translation feature, which will support Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish to start with, but will get bigger as time goes on.

Author: 0 IOS 11 Can Automatically Delete Unused Apps To Save Space

Siri has always been better at intelligent answers than you, accept it! In this article, let us take a quick look at the major announcements that Apple made at WWDC 2017 . That's mostly because Apple's followed 2017's big tech trend and shaved down the bezel so it can cram a bigger screen into a frame that's nearly unchanged in size.

Author: 0 Soon, iPhones will block texts while driving

If you come across any bugs, use the Feedback Assistant app to report them. Some existing apps that you already have on your phone may continue to work, but again support will stop so you won't see any new features. The company also revealed that SteamVR, the VR gaming platform, would soon support Mac format. It's a feature that can be enabled from Settings and added to the new Control Center .

Author: 0 My 3 favorite things from Apple's WWDC 2017

Tech giant Apple made several big announcements today at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC ), taking place from June 5-9 in San Jose, California. For now, translation will be available from English to Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish, and more will added in due course of time. Apple did use WWDC to preview iOS 11, which is due to launch for iPhone and iPad this autumn.

Author: 0 Warriors Stare Down Their Old Nemesis: Game 3

A 13-0 getaway in Game 1 and the 13-2 response by the Warriors that James previously mentioned in Game 2 took the wind out of the sails. Kerr's decision was about him, about wanting to fully fulfill his vocation, about wanting to fully to lead the team he shepherded.

Author: 0 Apple announces new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, refreshes 12.9-inch model

That said, the report indicates that FLAC files only work in the Files application, not in the Apple Music app. The company said its App Store has so far paid out $70 billion to developers, of which 30 per cent was made previous year. Soon, Apple will introduce a new iPhone feature that will do away with that annoying - and risky - urge to look at a text message while you're driving.

Author: 0 IOS 11 comes with a one-handed keyboard mode

And Apple's important-if understated-news at WWDC further escalates a fight that has ratcheted up quickly over the last few years. Right now there are three players in voice assistants: Apple , Google, and Amazon . But it's also possible that the HomePod could expose Siri as less capable than Amazon's Alexa , Google's Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana , Blaber said.

Author: 0 Apple Takes On Distracted Driving With New Feature

Now this majorly used VA in iOS 11 , has got the new features, to make it much smarter. They will receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash account. Apple also detailed that developers can expect faster review times for applications, as well as a new phased releases feature, which will allow developers to trickle out updates to gauge user feedback, before a widespread rollout.

Author: 0 Apple to showcase new features for its gadgets

Possibly related to this, Troughton-Smith discovered that Apple's Feedback app allows users to file bug reports related to "Drag and Drop" the file transfer method that isn't now in iOS . So, what all can one expect out of this 5-day event? Apple will have its Worldwide Developer Conference kickstarted in a matter of few hours. The keynote is also where Apple previews the new iOS's features.

Author: 0 Penguins need big game out of Murray in Game 4

Penguins goalie Matt Murray , just 23, is a sterling 7-0 in the playoffs following a loss. The Penguins power play failed to record a shot on goal during two first period chances. By the time the Predators finished off a 5-1 win over the Penguins, a total of five catfish hit the ice to finish off the day in style. Nick Bonino is one of the Penguins' main penalty killers.

Author: 0 Apple unveils macOS High Sierra with focus on 'refinement'

As is Apple's custom, High Sierra will be a free upgrade and will be available in the fall. "When you go to buy something, suddenly everywhere you go on the web it follows you around", said Federighi. If you don't want your Mac or Macbook crashing at random times while you're working, we'd strongly recommend waiting until the final stable release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra later this year.

Author: 0 New smart speaker expected as Apple kicks off conference

We answer all your questions. But the time has come for Apple to give developers a more heavy-handed reminder. During its quarterly earnings calls, when Apple reveals its numbers to investors, one key factor is often how many users have switched from Android to iOS .

Author: 0 Augmented Reality, Apple is here with its ARKit for iOS

And while both companies may be happy to see their Echos and Homes enter thousands of new homes everyday, their party may end soon - because reportedly Apple is also coming out with its own smart speaker tonight at WWDC . It has autoplay blocking in Safari so you won't have to hear loud, autoplay videos again . New features include sweeping new upgrades to Siri , a redesigned Control Center and App Store , and a brand-new Apple Pay feature that lets you send or receive money to your ...

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