Research OnePlus 5 launched in India starting for Rs. 32999; Sale Starts Today
Author: 0 OnePlus 5 launched in India starting for Rs. 32999; Sale Starts Today

I legit stopped what I was doing and yelled at my iPhone as the finger print scanner on the OnePlus 5 loaded the phone screen nearly instantaneously after pressing my thumb to the fingerprint scanner. What sets it apart is its RAM which comes in 6GB and 8GB. The geeks went insane as soon as its first device, OnePlus One, was launched and it took another three years to please the mass-market as well.

Author: 0 OnePlus 5 India price leaked

Just ahead of the launch, OnePlus has also launched a video listing out all the services that potential OnePlus 5 buyers can look forward to. Still, we are looking forward to the formal event happening on 12 p.m. BGR reported that the first image, courtesy of a tweet by Harsh Pittroda, consists of four OnePlus 5 cases and a box of what is likely that of the smartphone itself.

Research DC shooting has brought some much-needed unity to Congress
Author: 0 DC shooting has brought some much-needed unity to Congress

Republicans and Democrats took the field for their annual charity baseball game Thursday, setting aside politics for a few hours of spirited competition a day after a shooting rampage left a wounded colleague fighting for survival. They're plodding ahead, hopeful for action but pragmatic enough to know that the latest shooting doesn't dramatically alter the dynamics of their uphill battle.

Author: 0 Apple Gets Serious On Its iPad Product

Not too big, not too small, and really powerful in everything it does. Oh, and it's got - if my calculations are correct - nearly 50 per cent less bezels compared to the 9.7-incher. But that may not be the case when the new version of iOS arrives. The truly odd thing about this year's release of the new iPad Pro is it nearly feel like they released them too early.

Research Justices side with Microsoft in Xbox 360 class action case
Author: 0 Justices side with Microsoft in Xbox 360 class action case

The Xbox One X will also play 4K Blu-rays, though the PS4 Pro doesn't. The console uses a process called supersampling that helps the game render at a higher resolution. Both the Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 Pro are marketed as sequels to their respective consoles, both of which were originally released in 2013, rather than successors.

Research Microsoft announces Xbox One X, priced at $499
Author: 0 Microsoft announces Xbox One X, priced at $499

Now, the company will also roll out support some of the original Xbox games , reports The Verge . But, as things stand at the moment, it doesn't look all that hard for Sony's E3 2017 press conference to easily top Microsoft's . The latest Assassins Creed Origins game is set in ancient Egypt, and based on the story of Bayak a magi, he is however the last magi or protector of his community.

Research Microsoft's Xbox One X Console Won't Support Virtual Reality
Author: 0 Microsoft's Xbox One X Console Won't Support Virtual Reality

We wouldn't recommend it, but even without a release date set you can pre-order it already from the likes of GAME and Amazon . Greenberg, who sits as Microsoft's game marketing head, talked about the price of the Xbox One X during the YouTube Live coverage of the Microsoft presentation, and was more than willing to praise the $499 price tag.

Author: 0 New Apple Operating System Will Include 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Feature

By tapping on a red button in the control panel, the device automatically starts recording whatever is on your screen. Once the above action is complete, you will be presented with options for starting and stopping a recording. It's still not available in iTunes or the music player specifically, but if you have any FLAC files hanging out on your iCloud drive you can simply tap to play them.

Research List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11
Author: 0 List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11

Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi speaks during the opening keynote address the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC ) at the San Jose Convention Center on June 5, 2017 in San Jose, California.

Research Apple HomePod Speaker Announced At WWDC
Author: 0 Apple HomePod Speaker Announced At WWDC

The HomePod weighs over 5lbs ( Google Home weighs just over 1lb), features a large woofer, 7 tweets, 7 microphones, and ac WiFi. Executives also unveiled new MacBooks, iMacs and iPads at the conference, which for the past three years has focused exclusively on software.

Author: 0 WWDC 2017 kicks off today: how to watch?

Apple's WWWDC 2017 keynote is taking place in San Jose Convention Centre and will start at 10 am PDT, which is around 10.30 pm for Indian Standard Time. For those with an Apple TV fourth generation, the event can also be streamed live. MacBook: It has been some time Apple had upgraded its MacBook range and the same is heavily rumored this year.

Author: 0 Apple's new iMacs get a big horsepower boost

And that feeling will probably continue this year, as the iMac gets a sibling, and a more powerful sibling at that. As far as pricing and availability is concerned, you can order the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in silver, space gray, gold and rose gold colors with a starting price of $649 (US) for the 64GB with Wi-Fi model and $779 (US) for the 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Author: 0 Apple and Xiaomi share top spot for wearables

That would make sense, especially as an incentive for app developers to work on their Siri integration over the summer. Users will be able to see Apple Maps, Apple's navigation application, while driving - though they will be unable to input destinations.

Author: 0 Curry, Durant lead Warriors to 2-0 with 132-113 rout

EX-COACH ARRESTED: Derek Fisher was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after the former National Basketball Association player and coach flipped his vehicle on a California freeway. Three days after lamenting 42.5 percent shooting and 21 misses in 33 3-point attempts, Golden State shot 18-for-43 (41.9 percent) from 3-point range, outscoring the Cavaliers 54-24 from beyond the arc.

Author: 0 Golden State among best teams I've seen, says LeBron

His answer consisted all of two syllables. That's how you have to play against a team like them, because if they're able to move freely and set good screens, the guys are able to just get a little bit of space or a little bit of breathing room, they could be so effective.

Research DJI Spark Launched: Company's Cheapest and Most Compact Drone
Author: 0 DJI Spark Launched: Company's Cheapest and Most Compact Drone

Once in the air, the drone is programmed to recognise gestures you make with your hands, meaning that you can get the drone to hover in place, send it away, recall it, get it to take a selfie and make it land again using just your hands. The Spark will also be compatible with DJI Googles to allow first-person view (FPV) flying. DJI is on-trend with the other new mode: ShallowFocus.

Author: 0 Poor and disabled big losers in Trump budget; military wins

The Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, said the Trump plan joins a tradition of White House budgets that are "basically dead on arrival". It would reduce spending on programs like food stamps (or SNAP), Social Security disability insurance benefits, additional income for poor seniors, disabled adults and children (SSI), and public assistance for needy families (TANF).

Author: 0 Google's Android Go phones might arrive in India by Diwali

Some tech experts are also confused about the android version of these devices. "What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet", wrote William Shakespeare, if only Android existed back then! So, the company is introducing PIP mode in Android O, which will let you watch videos as you use other apps.

Research Death of Ailes reveals Fox News at a crossroads
Author: 0 Death of Ailes reveals Fox News at a crossroads

Roger Ailes' brilliance, whatever you think of his politics, was that he knew what the Republican audience wanted before they did. Glenn Beck left Fox News in 2011 because he claimed he wanted to save his soul. It matters that millions of hardcore activists and voters are operating from a worldview where racial minorities, women, immigrants , foreigners and terrorists have the upper hand against beleaguered white males, the depleted U.S.

Author: 0 Noida cyber cell gives tips on preventing WannaCry attack

Here's what you should do to protect yourself. Third, and perhaps more important: like the emperor's new clothes, even this new-fangled ransomware isn't as sophisticated as it's cracked up to be. This included the release of the patch in March and an update on Friday to Windows Defender to detect the WannaCrypt attack. As there are different types of ransomware, there is no single, easy solution to restore your computer if it has been infected .

Research New OnePlus 5 Rumor Could Be Dealbreaker
Author: 0 New OnePlus 5 Rumor Could Be Dealbreaker

Although OnePlus did not reveal many details about this partnership, so we'll have to wait and see how DxO Labs will be involved in the making of OnePlus 5's camera. "Since we started OnePlus, our focus has been on giving you the best user experience possible", wrote Heinz. He also added that the OnePlus 5 would capture "some of the clearest photos around".

Research LeGarrette Blount joins the Eagles on 1-year contract
Author: 0 LeGarrette Blount joins the Eagles on 1-year contract

Blount was the only player in the National Football League to receive the UFA tender this year. The 30-year-old Blount is listed by the Eagles at 6-foot, 250 pounds, although a quick spin around the World Wide Web will produce several different variations of weight.

Research The 'Avril Lavigne is dead' conspiracy is back again
Author: 0 The 'Avril Lavigne is dead' conspiracy is back again

On the Avril is Dead website , there is a disclaimer that its aim is to show "how conspiracy theories can look true". Over the weekend a fan named "givincyass" reignited the rumours in a Twitter thread that has since been liked and retweeted almost a quarter of a million times.

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