Meet The Newly Launched Tesla Model Y Which Completes The S3XY Lineup


Tesla has officially launched its second mass-market vehicle, the Model Y. Pricing and performance (lower case p) covers a wide swath of market options, from the $40,200 (with $1200 delivery) Standard model to the $61,200 Performance (incl. del.).

Tesla says that Model Y will carry up to 7 passengers and their cargo.

There is another performance version of Model Y in the line-up that would excite all those who want to extract the maximum power out of it. The Long Range version is priced at $47,000 and can go 300 miles on a single charge, while the Performance version costs $60,000 and can hit 0 to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds.

The online configurator for the Tesla Model Y is now live.

Battery capacities haven't been announced for the Model Y, but Tesla said that its V3 Supercharger software means the cars can add 168 miles of charge in 15 minutes. Perhaps the biggest innovation is that the relatively compact SUV, whose Tesla cW value is 0.23, will be optionally available with seven seats.

Luckily for Tesla, many of its customers are also investors and surely they will appreciate the firm's apparent new commitment to boring but achievable profit-boosting.

Elon did mention that Tesla Y as well as other Teslas will get an autopilot featured with self-driving later this year without going into any specifics.

Elon Musk has always been outspoken in his mission to advance electric transportation, regardless of who wins the race.

The second Model-Y variant is the Long Range Rear Wheel Drive, which has a $49,000 price tag. Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, said that he expects the vehicle to be fully autonomous when it is released in 2021.

The order books are open. In addition, there's a $3,750 tax credit if the auto is purchased before the end of June, and costs of ownership are lower than those of a gasoline-powered vehicle.

The vehicle also eschews keys, like the Model 3, and will connect to the driver's smartphone for entry and exit. The new Model Y may also help Tesla shift its lineup toward the tastes of USA consumers, who are increasingly ditching sedans for bigger crossovers and SUVs.

Parts commonality between the two is roughly 86 percent.

What's new. The world got its first look at the Model Y late Thursday night. Based on the budget Model 3 sedan, think of it as the 3's crossover sibling specific to a popular niche - similar to what the new Mazda CX-30 is to the Mazda 3, but electric, of course. The SUV comes in a variety of versions, depending on the customer's choice of battery range and other features, like all-wheel drive.

Tesla is inching closer to launching its next vehicle - the Model Y crossover - but the company has not yet chosen a site at which to build it just months ahead of the planned start of production, .

It doesn't have falcon-wing doors. The Model Y Standard Range will be built starting in early 2021 for North America and early 2022 for Europe and China. About 3.1 million shares of Maxwell have been tendered so far, according to Tesla, of about 46 million shares outstanding.