Canada joins ban on Boeing crash aircraft


But the USA regulator says it is safe to fly.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cited new satellite data and evidence from the scene of Sunday's crash near Addis Ababa for its decision to ground the planes. Guests can book with confidence knowing that we continue to fly throughout the network with the safety of guests and employees at the forefront.

While SpiceJet has grounded its fleet of 12 Boeing 737-MAX 8 planes, Jet Airways has five of these aircraft which are already grounded as it negotiates a financial crunch.

According to a CNN report, two American pilots reported that they had experienced issues after engaging the Max 8's autopilot system, including the plane unexpectedly dipping into a nose-dive. Lebanon and Kosovo barred the Boeing 737 Max 8 from their airspace, and Norwegian Air Shuttles said it would seek compensation from Boeing after grounding its fleet.

"It's not going to stress me out too much, but I do feel bad for those who are trying to get to their next connecting flight or business or family", said Erik Kennedy, whose Southwest Airlines flight was delayed.

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said he issued the "safety notice" after the newly-available data was reviewed Wednesday morning.

The aerospace giant, which cancelled the ceremonial factory rollout of its wide-bodied aircraft, is facing increased pressure to dispel safety concerns about its 737 Max plane after regulators, including in the European Union and China, put most of the global fleet out of action. The agency's order came after new information from the Ethiopian Airlines wreckage showed similarities with the October crash.

American President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the United States would ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 planes "effective immediately". It said the investigation was biased against the pilots, who were blamed for the crash. And that brand is not just Boeing. Including regional aircraft, American has more than 1,500 planes, while United has more than 1,300.

Following Wednesday's announcement, Boeing shares fell by almost three percent. The company lost nearly $27 billion in market value this week through Tuesday after posting the biggest two-day drop in nearly a decade.

Norwegian Air, one of the biggest 737 MAX customers, with 110 on order, said Wednesday it expects Boeing to compensate it for the financial impact of the suspension, The Wall Street Journal reported.

"As a result, we have removed our 34 MAX 8 aircraft from scheduled service".

Referring to the Lion Air crash in Indonesia that killed 189 people past year, European regulators said Tuesday that "similar causes may have contributed to both events".

Ellis Taylor, Asia Finance Editor at Flight Global, said the grounding of the aircraft "will have some impact" on United States schedules.

In its statement, SpiceJet said that of the 76 planes in its fleet, 64 aircraft are in operations.

Democrat Peter DeFazio, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, called for a probe into why the 737 MAX received certification to fly. The pilot attempted to stop the software and correct the plane, but ultimately, "the pilot lost that fight with the software".

In both cases, pilots were forced to intervene to stop the plane from descending.