Samuel L. Jackson's Been Trolling Us All About Captain Marvel's Powers


For the eponymous hero (played by Oscar victor Brie Larson) - who shoots thunderbolts from her fists, can pilot any spacecraft and actually fly unaided herself - this change of emphasis is significant.

But while "Captain Marvel" works perfectly well as a standalone film, most fans will be especially excited to see how this movie sets up "Avengers: Endgame". That is not a required prerequisite for success, and Carol Danvers makes that clear. The use of the fantastic to highlight the human, in both illustration and text, is one of my favorite things about superhero comics.

And think about us, the women in the fandom, who now have exactly one Marvel movie about a female superhero, after over ten years of going to watch and support all the male-centric films. Larson's co-star, Samuel L. Jackson, recently stated that giving "a voice or a platform to people who normally don't have a platform is part of the problem".

The British actress portrays Maria Rambeau, an Air Force fighter pilot who is also Carol Danvers' (Brie Larson) best friend.

That line of questioning comes to an end with Larson asking, "Did you fart when we were doing this?"

What surprised me the most was that Samuel L. Jackson knew pretty much all the lyrics to "7 Rings" - at least a lot more than I knew.

The Captain Marvel costume that Brie Larson wears in countless posters, trailers, and, of course, the new film may never have seen the light of day. If I'm not here, I need to find someone to come here who can handle it. A look could speak volumes in an instant and that gaze is present even if it doesn't speak to everyone.

Yes, Carol is a woman, and this is the first Marvel movie centered on a woman. Lashana Lynch is the core, the person who jumps into the fray encouraged by even her kid-played by the super talented scene stealer Akbar. Though there isn't almost enough fighting for my liking, she's plausible too as a high-kicking warrior, and in a brilliant action scene knocks seven bells out of a Skrull soldier who's taken the form of a sweet old lady. Women have felt inspired by stories about men for a long time. Though conceived years before the release of 2017's immensely successful Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel was left scrambling to create a female superhero capable of holding her own with the meticulously crafted MCU boys club. Utterly empowering and inspiring.

"But wait", you say. These people have somehow become so passionate about not liking this film that they've worked really hard to try to discredit it. This isn't the first time Kree entered the MCU. We meet everyone only briefly.

Because the movie is set in the '90s, Jackson had to be de-aged in the editing room to appear like a younger version of Nick Fury. There's just a lot going on at times.

That it does it all this with aplomb is another win for Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige's practice of hiring innovative indie film directors - like "Thor: Ragnarok's" Taika Waititi, "Black Panther's" Ryan Coogler, "Guardians of the Galaxy's" James Gunn - to steer these big-budget action vehicles.

I mean, the outfit reminds me of a pencil pouch I had in third grade, but Brie Larson is working it.

Lastly, the action sequences felt a bit too formulaic at the start and didn't quite connect to the emotional stakes until the last act.