The Huawei Mate X has been previewed at MWC19 already


"Very expensive" is an honest observation: the Mate X, which also works with next-generation 5G networks, will cost €2,299 (A$3,660) when released mid-year.

Then Huawei showed us the Mate X, and we instantly forgot any other folding phone existed.

After Samsung's costly Galaxy Fold was announced at around $2,000, we thought we'd seen the most costly standard configuration of a phone for a while.

A new, purpose-designed 4500 mAh battery is packed in Huawei Mate X's 5.4 mm-thick body, combined with the AI smart power saving technology, fulfilling the demand for greater battery performance in the 5G era.

Huawei and Samsung are trying to convince people they've figured foldable phones out.

Huawei has unveiled its 5G foldable smartphone named Huawei Mate X.

Huawei's Mate X has just the one screen on the outside. Samsung demoed the Galaxy Fold on stage, but the company isn't letting anyone touch the device at Mobile World Congress. Nokia has taken it three steps further and placed five shooters on the back of the Nokia 9 PureView. The smartphone changes the display as you fold or unfold the screen and adjust the contents on display accordingly.

The device will be slightly redesigned, it will probably sport different corners or something of the sort, and a curved display will make a comeback. Yes, this year's smartphone gathering in Barcelona is truly about foldables.

The Galaxy S10 8GB RAM/ 128GB storage variant (in Prism Black, Prism Blue, and Prism White) is priced at Rs. 66,900, while the 8GB RAM/ 512GB storage version (Prism White color) will go for Rs. 84,900. This may not be a deal breaker but most of the things that you want to be done on a large flat screen, such as watch a movie, are better done on an actual flat surface such as a tablet. Even if some analysts are saying that it may not be a good idea to buy a pricy phone today without a 5G capability, it seems unlikely that we will be able to use 5G before the second part of 2020.

When in the closed position you can shoot photos as you normally would using the large 6.6-inch screen as a viewfinder. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the two panels of Mate X close flush with each other and it is just 11mm thick. (In some cases, the device maker will also choose to sell new products directly to consumers at the same time carriers do.) We know that the phone will launch with exclusive partner Verizon sometime in Q2 before becoming available on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the following months.