Philadelphia 76ers: 3 things to watch for in 2019 NBA All-Star Game


New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis made a brief appearance in the first half amid concerns that a shoulder contusion suffered on Thursday would keep him out of the game.

Because of a highly-specific National Basketball Association rule, the Celtics are prohibited from trading from Davis until this summer (when guard Kyrie Irving can opt out of his contract and re-sign with the team on a new deal).

In all, 17 players had double-digit points by the end of the night. "They obviously had to sacrifice a lot for me to still do what I do".

Nowitzki sensed that numerous reporters who interviewed him this week were in a way writing his career summation, and he was OK with that. LeBron's starting lineup includes himself, Kevin Durant (10-time All-Star), James Harden (Seven-time All-Star), Kyrie Irving (Six-time All-Star) and Kawhi Leonard (Three-time All-Star).

Davis faced the cameras, too, but he stumbled where his colleagues cruised. He goes out and says, 'I don't want to be here, ' the trade doesn't go through and now you've got to go play every night.

It's an incredible answer from an incredible basketball player.

Davis will be traded this offseason, that much is clear. Big market, small market.

From the time he arrived in Charlotte on Thursday, Nowitzki was more upbeat than he's been at any juncture this season while averaging 4.7 points for the 26-31 Mavericks. "They are on my list", he said. Thompson gave a dismissive wave, as if to ask "Why'd I do that?" when Curry's 3 swished.

After his media availability, Davis further clarified - or blurred - the status of his "list" on NBA TV.

Before observers could sort through those options, Davis added another layer of confusion. Even with the Melo/Noah gaffs and a few other paper cut level mistakes (most of which I was against at the time) , he left a team with KP, Frank, Willy, Dotson, Kornet, 20 million of cap space and all it's 1st round picks. I don't have preferred destination. "So I rushed a couple because I always had that in my mind, 'You've got to finish, you've got to finish, '" Nowitzki said.

We actually had a trade following the draft, as reigning Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons went to Team LeBron in exchange for OKC's triple-double machine Russell Westbrook. I can't tell the future.

That was only one of many tone-deaf moments during Saturday's session.

"I never said [the Celtics were] not on my list", he repeated twice more on Saturday.

This trade is the Los Angeles Lakers for the taking and the New Orleans Pelicans confirmed that by firing Dell Demps after he did not get a deal done with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka. "I know how to play things down a little bit".