Donald Trump warns Democrats against probes and mocks Republicans who lost seats


The Georgia gubernatorial race has not yet been decided as of Thursday. It avoided a complete rout in the House, made gains in the Senate, and won important governorships in OH and Florida. National Democrats have argued that gerrymandered congressional districts drawn by GOP legislatures after the 2010 Census favor Republicans in the House of Representatives. Current results have Democrats controlling 222 seats to the Republicans' 196, with 17 contests still undeclared, according to the Associated Press.

Democrats held on to vulnerable seats in Montana, New Jersey and West Virginia and ousted a Republican incumbent in Nevada, but it was cold comfort.

New Hampshire Republican strategist Michael Dennehy - a former top adivisor to the late Trump rival John McCain - said he thinks Democrats will be able to restrain themselves and stick to policy, however as of now, the party is sending a "mixed message" filled with new, progressive voices. On the East Coast, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is set to become the youngest woman elected to the House.

Two years ago, Trump secured his victory by winning two big prizes, OH easily and Florida narrowly, and then carrying Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by the thinnest or margins - less that one percentage point in each state.

Republican supporters cheer after Incumbent Republican candidate for Iowa's Governor Kim Reynolds won re-election during Iowa's GOP Election Night.

In Wisconsin and MI, they reversed eight years of GOP rule in the governor's mansion.

A line forms outside a polling site on election day in Atlanta, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

Beto O'Rourke to be the Democrat Nominee for 2020: into 5/1 from 10/1. But party strategists acknowledged that much work remains to be done in those Midwest battlegrounds.

Hong Kong professor Willy Lam suggested China's seemingly all-powerful President Xi Jinping might be taking more domestic political heat for the trade war than Trump: "He has been widely criticized, not by name of course, but subtly, for failing to handle Trump's multi-pronged challenge".

Republicans won governor races in the traditionally blue states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Trump on Wednesday cited OH and Mike DeWine's victory in the governor's race as among Tuesday's highlights.

Some Republicans sought to explain Michigan's shift to a more purple hue as nearly an inevitability after a long stint of one-party control. That may have shifted recently to give Republicans a greater advantage than in the past. The remaining 17 races were too close to project a victor Wednesday evening. Republican Ron DeSantis ousted Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum by less than one percentage point in a hotly contested race in Florida; Mike DeWine won the governorship in OH; and Republican Brian Kemp was ahead of Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams by 1.6 points with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

As one Democrat put it: "We have not figured out Florida, which is a problem". She's a formidable fund-raiser and delivered the electoral victory Democrats needed, they point out.

Many of these races could still change hands. Those Indivisible groups supported a new wave of female candidates. And in New Jersey, Democrats re-elected embattled Sen.

Democrats made gains in state legislatures across the country on Tuesday, as well as obtaining governorships in seven formerly Republican-held states. He may have used the migrant caravan in the final days to win in very red and rural places like Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee but in the states which matter for him to get re-elected next year, there is far more evidence that his attacking immigrants has done far more to hurt his re-election chances. In the Rustbelt/Midwest Democrats won Senate races in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wyoming by large margins; and also won governor's races in and Michigan and Minnesota by very large margins. Nonetheless, the results of the 2018 even the scales.

To get this hard task right, Democrats must recognize why the voters engineered a transfer of power that has marginalized noxious partisans like Devin Nunes, the chair of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and empowered watchdogs like the man who will take the gavel from him: veteran prosecutor Adam Schiff.

The House Ways and Means Committee also has oversight of trade and tariffs, and Neal said his party was prepared to reset the trade agenda by aggressively scrutinizing the renegotiated North American trade deal and back trade talks with the United Kingdom and European Union.

DeWine and Husted held Cordray to less than 60 percent of the vote in urban counties containing Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton and beat him by 18 points in those cities' suburbs.

"And last night... the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the House". "Democrats doing well in areas where there are educated suburban women and men, but especially suburban women".