Google poised to unveil new Pixel phones, other services


Its Google Pixel 3 launch event is going to showcase not just smartphones, but a new laptop, tablet, smart home speaker, and even a Chromecast, according to the leaks.

But Google tweeted a video on Monday implying that maybe we don't know everything about the device.

Google's official United Kingdom storefront now lists two different versions of the Pixelbook pen and the new one looks a lot like another product we are expecting to see next week in NY.

Google Pixel 2 featured a non-removable 2700mAh battery, which was satisfactory and gets through a day quite easily. Past leaks about the handsets have left no stone unturned, as pretty much everything has been revealed about he upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Its screen is bright, sharp and touch-sensitive, allowing it to perform many contextual Google Assistant features available on Android Things.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will undoubtedly be the stars of the show on Tuesday. The phone has got an aspect ratio of about 18:9 with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that is present on front and back.

All the action is taking place in New York City but the American tech firm also has a number of other events taking place around the globe that are presumed to show off new devices after they have been revealed. It won't surprising to see Google name the two names with a dash of pun.

Pixel's end-of-the-year product cycle will again put it under a severe disadvantage over other flagships that featured earlier this year. The phones will come in black or white and the white version could have a green power button, giving it a new look. We might have to settle down with a 256GB variant. Google could stuff in a 3732mAh battery under the hood. Both the XL and the standard models should also have some internal upgrades, such as the Snapdragon 845 CPU and wireless charging support.

No surprise on this one. Both will run on the latest Android 9 Pie.

Google used a 12.2-megapixel rear-facing camera and added an extra camera to the front of the phone.

Limited adoption has reflected Google's hesitancy to go as wide and big in distributing and marketing the Pixel as Apple, which launched its last two iPhone line-ups in about 50 countries. The device is rumoured to come in several configurations, with up to 16GB of RAM and an Intel i7 processor, and might come with a fingerprint sensor.