No new information on Kavanaugh in Federal Bureau of Investigation report, says Senator Flake


The West Virginia lawmaker was reviewing the Federal Bureau of Investigation report in a secure room at the Capitol on Thursday afternoon and said he would return today to study it further.

Among those not interviewed were Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the California college professor who testified last week to Congress that a drunken Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were high school students. Mr Kavanaugh, 53, now a judge on the powerful District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, has denied the claims.

Inside the Capitol, mounting political strains over the approaching election-season showdown were mirrored by growing anxieties over senators' security following frequent and at times aggressive demonstrations by anti-Kavanaugh protesters.

Ford, who testified last week at an extraordinary Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, said she could not remember the precise date or location of the alleged assault or how she got home later but offered a detailed account of the incident.

As thousands of anti-Kavanaugh protestors marched in the streets of Washington, Democrats assailed the latest Federal Bureau of Investigation probe as "incomplete" and constrained by a White House determined to push through the lifetime appointment of the conservative 53-year-old judge. A handful of Senate aides may view the findings as well.

"There is simply no reason to deny Judge Kavanaugh a seat on the Supreme Court based on the evidence presented to us", Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa said on the Senate floor before the vote. The encounter weighed on him, said Flake, who later forced Republicans to delay voting on Kavanaugh while the FBI conducts another background investigation.

"This is a despicable and desperate attempt by Republican leadership to discredit (Swetnick)", responded Sen. "I had one beer", said Trump, channeling his version of Blasey. "It's kind of appalling", the Arizona Republican said.

Despite the increase in reporting, Wake noted that Ford's actions are a reminder of how hard it can be to report sexual assault or misconduct. In a real investigation of Kavanaugh, the FBI would be taking a very close look at Low's allegation-not giving him the runaround.

Democrats questioned the secrecy - and the decision to rely on the standard procedure - given the significance.

And to flesh out some key passages, Judiciary Committee staffers were reading communications between two people detailed in the report aloud, so senators could visualize the conversation, Rounds said.

"Standard procedures often need to be modified for nonstandard situations", Klain said.

The fight over Kavanaugh's nomination to a lifetime job on the top USA court comes against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault that has toppled a succession of powerful men. Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace. He also said there were no girls there. Another undecided Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski, did not offer her view on the Federal Bureau of Investigation report.

Kennedy also told the media that he wants the report to be made public.

The president discussed the situation Tuesday when asked about his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who recently said he was more anxious about his sons than his daughters because "the other side weaponizes" claims of sexual misbehavior from decades earlier. McLean spoke to CNN after a sworn declaration questioning the veracity of Ford's testimony was leaked to Fox News after being provided to the Judiciary Committee. He did not say how long he'd wait to schedule a vote after the report was released.

Jackson Cosko, 27, of Washington, was charged with making public restricted personal information, unauthorized access of a government computer and other crimes.

That repeated a theme he raised earlier in the day speaking with reporters at the White House before he left on his trip to Philadelphia and Mississippi.

Another classmate, Kerry Berchem, said she's made multiple submissions to a tip line but has not received a return phone call or substantive response from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lawyers for Kavanaugh's accusers also criticized the probe, saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation had declined to interview witnesses they suggested.

The eyes of the polarized nation are riveted on three Republican and one Democratic senator who aren't saying, so far, whether they are ayes or nays on the politically fateful question of whether Brett Kavanaugh should sit on the Supreme Court.

It is not clear whether the document will draw conclusions about the allegations. "I think they really tried to find out as much as they could, matching up dates and places". There is no chance in the world that they're going to scare us out of doing our duty.