Maritime dairy farmers say they've been sacrificed


The deal would give US farmers more access to the protected Canadian dairy market. Since then, meat that is raised in Mexico and Canada can be labeled as a product of the US, as long as it's slaughtered or packaged in this country.

News of the agreement was also lauded by Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, who congratulated the federal government on achieving a new deal with the United States and Mexico.

"What that's created to do is increase the demand for production in Mexico, the United States and Canada", Robertson says.

Canada is linked again with the US and Mexico in a revamped North American free trade deal after weeks of negotiations. "[U.S. President Donald] Trump has turned the absurdity of American dairy, a system that needs reform to survive, into a talking point to help Republicans in the upcoming byelection".

On Friday, US Senator Ron Wyden of OR, the top Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees trade, said, "It would be a monumental mistake to do this without Canada". Canada has used this provision to win most of the United States challenges to the export of Canadian lumber. "This is a very complex agreement and certainly those details may affect us in a number of areas in the long run".

Canada implemented supply management in the dairy industry in the 1970s, which sets quotas on production based on anticipated demand.

"We fail to see how this deal can be good for the 220,000 Canadian families that depend on dairy for their livelihood", Lampron said in a statement. "But based on reports, I am pleased that the deal includes a provision I pushed for to eliminate an unfair milk pricing system that has hurt NY dairy farmers' ability to export to Canada". Estimates suggest this will increase exports to Canada by $70 million, or 0.0003% of US GDP, a BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research report said.

“The program saturated the global market with subsidized skim milk powder and cut the demand from Canadian cheese makers for ultra-filtered milk from the U.S.,” Fischer said.

Collins has fought to end Canada's Class 7 pricing program, which he said has severely impacted NY dairy farmers.

Access to Canadian dairy was a focus through the negotiations.

"Since Prime Minister Trudeau did not give in on key issues, I don't think he'll pay a political price at the polls next year", Belanger said. "We produce milk, and the raw milk is shopped to a processing plant where it's made into fluid milk and it's made into butter or made into cheese", explained Haasen. Johansson urged US negotiators to reach agreements on those issues as soon as possible.

Monroe says the USA pork sector has been in expansion mode but the uncertainty we've seen around exports over the past year has inhibited investments. Leaders from all three countries have to sign it, and then Congress and the legislatures of Canada and Mexico will need to give final approval. A new negotiated preliminary agreement between the three countries, renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, was recently announced.