Things We Learned from the Black Ops 4 Reveal Event


No single-player. A battle royale mode.

Oh and also confirmed after much whispering, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will indeed have a Battle Royale mode, which has been dubbed "Blackout".

As we saw in the game's "multiplayer reveal" trailer, there are health bars (!) and health regeneration won't be automatic.

You read that right - this one's all about the multiplayer. With ditching a campaign mode Activision is alienating a fair amount of their consumers who either don't want battle royale or want a single-player campaign. Treyarch didn't share any other details on how the Pick 10 system will operate in Black Ops 4, only saying that it is being "revamped" for the title.

Zombies has always been a fun mode with a background narrative, but Black Ops 4 leans even more into its pulpy potential with settings (and weapons) across time. Oh, and League Play is back too.

IGN's Brian Albert wrote: "With alternate histories and insane weapons, Treyarch's Black Ops games have always been Call of Duty's oddballs".

It all suggests Treyarch are hoping we'll play the long game with Black Ops 4's Zombie mode - something that's interesting to consider when it's the one part of COD that fans have often suggested should be broken out into its own separate game.

In a bold break from the norm, this zombies mode will also see players ditch the guns in favour of older weapons with one map showing the players facing off against the zombie horde in a Roman-style coliseum.

Black Ops IIII also adds new features and first-time experiences for fans of its Zombie mode. Players will have access to mechanics, weaponry, and killstreaks from previous games such as the RC-XD and what makes this probably the most unique... classic Call of Duty maps and locations are scattered around this large map.

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Characters such as Ruin, Firebreak, and Seraph return from Black Ops 3 alongside brand new Specialists and each character will have their own abilities. In very many ways Black Ops 4 looks like a mish-mash circus of online gametypes and experimental live-driven content and less like the more rigid and serious experiences the series can deliver. The port is being handled by Beenox and features dedicated servers, uncapped framerate, 4K resolution and HDR support, and a redesigned user-interface. Treyarch is opting to focus exclusively on multiplayer for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC outing via an expanded PVP and Zombies experience plus an all-new Battle Royale mode.