Watch Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Viciously Insult Each Other


But at the time it wasn't something that was a reality; it was just something we loved.

Do you guys get to improvise a lot? "And that creates a recipe for not just hilarity but also, weirdly, for drama".

Colbert: "Well, Wade - may I call you Wade?" "No, no, no-huge asshole", Reynolds joked.

Actually, yes. When I signed on for the first film, they signed me on for four more with the promise that if we made more, I would be in the second one at least.

If the first film, as our hero claims, was a love story, the sequel is a family drama.

"I see, well... he's got boyish charm for days", Deadpool reacted.

"That's a different Fox", Colbert told the comic book character.

I believe that many Marvel movies could have been far more successful if they didn't refrain from gory scenes. "But then, everybody that goes on to be a part of X-Force is to some degree morally flexible and anarchic in a way". The movie also stars Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller and Terry Crews.

The ultra-serious Brolin feels like he is acting in another, much less zany superhero adventure.

Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams in a scene from Deadpool 2. We needed a character that creates a conflict for the audience.

They're all great; it's the movie around them that comes up short. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page. "And we were really, really happy with everything that he did", he explains.

"There are so many superhero movies this year", Colbert told the audience. His real super power, though, is his mouth, which never seems to be without a fresh quip that reminds the audience Deadpool is keenly aware that he is in a superhero movie. Don't say we didn't warn you! You're one of my best friends - Blake, the fam, the whole thing. Overseas the film opened to $149.9 million over the course of several months, finally ending up with $420 million, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film both overseas and worldwide with $783.1 million. Admittedly, a film like Deadpool is hard to replicate and although Deadpool 2 lacks the immediate novelty value of its predecessor, the filmmakers still plant the film with multiple humourous fourth wall breaking jokes and enjoyable action sequences.

Deadpool: "Right, right, allegedly".