Waterloo school budget voting in district office


The request to the commissioners was approved unanimously Tuesday without discussion.

All reporting school districts had their budgets approved by taxpayers except for Stamford Central School District, which was unable to make the 60 percent majority needed to pass its budget.

With a spending increase of 1.71 percent, or $1,209,929 more than the current school year's spending, the budget presents a 2.02 percent tax levy increase.

In Penfield, voters are looking at a proposed budget of about $98 million, with two propositions on the ballot. The proposition was approved 276-36.

The $68 million dollar budget will increase taxes 1.8 percent for residents.

Michael Ludwig (235 votes) and Amy Webb (274 votes) will serve a three-year term with the Chautauqua Lake Central School District's board of education.

The resolution is being submitted to the Board prior to adoption of the 2018-19 budget, and is based on multiple-year projections of the District's fiscal situation.

She is recommending the Board transfer $135,000 of the surplus Measure K money that would have been spent at the high school to the Measure WW account that is underwriting the play field construction at Las Juntas.

Starks - 10 a.m.to 8 p.m. Clark said officials have come up with a strategy to develop a plan on how to go about getting the programs kids need consolidated into one location. The final tally for the three candidates running for three open school board seats was as follows: Gemma Beilein (799) Natalie Beilein (702) and Betty VandenBosch-Warrick (666).

Whitney Point Central School District: Voters approved the school budget with 172 voting yes and 82 voting no. Mohonasen voters adopted the budget with 65 percent in support.

More help is being made available for Waterloo Community Schools' students who don't have access to the internet at home. The vote was 395 in favor, 122 opposed.

In Sag Harbor, newcomer Jordan Sobey was elected to the board for her first three-year term, after receiving 389 votes on Tuesday night. Voters approved the 2018-19 school budget of $23,092,112 in a 262-85 vote. The budget was defeated, 57-43 percent.

By a vote of 2,344 to 475, voters approved the Great Outdoors Capital Project. The goal of this bill was to reform the current Board of Education process and enforce transparency.

Part of the budget includes teacher salaries, which are being negotiated now.

An additional proposition sought voter approval to allow for the collection of $100,940 in taxes for the Mount Morris Public Library.

According to a release, the residents passed a $11,691,582 budget that reflects a 5.78 percent increase from the 2017-18 budget and would increase the tax levy by 3.98 percent, which is below the district's tax cap.

The proposed budget would increase the tax rate to 13.6338 mills. Details about the budgets and candidates can be found in The Star.