Someone photoshopped Harrison Ford's face into the 'Solo' trailer


Four movies into their re-launched Star Wars franchise, and they haven't turned in a stinker yet.

"Some things I had to fight for, but the team was generally very generous in terms of collaborating to create the character", said Clarke, who plays the role of Qi'ra in the movie, the mysterious partner in crime of Han Solo. Though higher in vocal register, Ehrenreich has got the grin, the finger-pointing, and the goofy "who, me?" look down pat. Ehrenreich is a gifted actor and possesses a rakishly appealing persona, but the character's inner darkness is only hinted at, as the story line of "Solo" progresses, and the betrayals and heartbreaks he endures come into focus. There's the mega-rich, villainous Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), too, a literal scarface-he's got dark marks spanning his face, from forehead to chin, that seem to gleam red when he's angry.

Disney/LucasFilmsAlden Ehrenreich, here shown fourth from the left, impressed audiences furing the premiere screening of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 10.

It sounds like most critics agree that it's a fun heist movie that gives us lots of surprises and Easter Eggs for fans to see.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25, 2018.

Now that we're only days away from the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it won't be long before each of us gets the chance to review it on our own terms.

Knowing that writer Lawrence Kasdan is involved as well as director Ron Howard, there is no doubt this is going to be an entertaining movie.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - 85%.

Once Chewbacca returns and we are reunited with the Millennium Falcon, Ehrenreich's inadequacies as a proto-Harrison Ford become more and more evident. Solo or Greedo? What the clip HERE and you decide!

These have not been picked at random: the film is set during the rise of the Empire, before. Glover fares nearly as well, and while he does occasionally lapse into doing a Billy Dee Williams impression, for the most part he conveys the effortless cool of Lando and how his controlled confidence clashes with Han's constant improvisation. We can tell that Han and Qi'ra are close, but the only thing that seems to link them is their past rather than any mutual affection or characteristic. Yes, battles between good and evil are wrought with dread and tragedy and sadness, but Solo explores the universe through the eyes of a carefree-and often out of his depth-swashbuckler who's only thinking about the next big score.

But for those wanting "the sort of jaw-dropping visual grandeur and epic poetry of The Last Jedi (not to mention the original trilogy), then you'll probably be a little nonplussed", the review cautions. "Solo: A Star Wars Story is a crackingly enjoyable adventure which frankly deserves full episode status in the great franchise, not just one of these intermittent place-hold iterations". Solo challenges viewers to dive deeper into the mythology and it will be interesting to see how these gutsier moments are received - and whether or not fans are onboard with the direction this potential franchise could be taking. "You think a lead in a movie is gonna be a weak woman?". Let us know in the comments!

Of course, the effects are something we have come to expect from the Star Wars saga and Solo has much to offer in that regard.