Ryan Reynolds crashes Korean TV show, sings "Tomorrow"


In typical superhero story fashion, Deadpool 2 begins by robbing its hero of the power that makes him special.

Much to his surprise, Reynolds informed him about his return soon after the success of the 2016 movie. It does what a sequel should do: it expands the world of the original, adds new characters to the mix, and-as unlikely as it sounds-develops the protagonist in interesting new ways.

The players don't look pleased when they are given red uniform's to wear sporting number 2 and a whole lot of Deadpool merchandise including toilet paper rolls, slippers, bathrobes etc. It rightly assumes that its audience has seen "Logan", the critically acclaimed "X-Men" film that dared to show us - spoiler alert - the death of Hugh Jackman's popular Wolverine character. The capper is a hellacious auto chase/fight scene that has Deadpool fighting Cable while Domino takes the wheel.

It's actually amusing how much can't be in the trailers because of how much it would spoil the fun, so I obviously won't do that here. "I'm dyin' in this one, too!" There's a weightless to numerous endeavors with CGI flying off CGI (and of course Deadpool making a joke about it at one point), and too many cuts to make it all flow smoothly. And he kinda can't be that. Reynolds has said there may not be one. From the trailer, I think they get most of the way there, but I don't suspect it finishes as high with the critics the second time around.

Some of Deadpool 2 works and some of it doesn't, but all of it would probably work better if it weren't competing so hard for attention and screen time. "We didn't want to get too cute with it". Rounding out the lead trio in the film is Beetz' Domino, who is able to give Deadpool a run for his money from almost the moment she shows up on screen - and it likely won't be long before audiences start clamoring for a Domino spin-off film. But it was really fun and it was nice of Ryan to put me in the film a lot more. There's nothing like the slow-motion SUV fight opening, nor the bridge shootout right afterward. If you enjoyed the first one, there's every chance you'll like this one as well. "How did Deadpool manage to get here?" a contestant shouts amid the chaos. But the X-Force has a diamond in the rough, as the standout of the team and the entire movie is Zazie Beetz as the lucky mercenary Domino.

The actor, however, was a "little intimidated" about his character getting a meatier chunk in the film. Deadpool managed to carve out a truly unique space within the genre and Deadpool 2 not only feels like going home in that same way, but it carves out an even more sizable chunk of real estate in regards to its uniqueness.