Mother's Day: Last minute gift ideas that might be perfect for mum


If you talk about the impact good mothers can have, the women who endured poor mothering role models feel they've been shortchanged by life, or God. She explained that healing is a process that we must want; one that requires searching and purification, silence and waiting.

Schoolmate Amelia Gervais said that isn't always true. And then again. Others will benefit from those deeds - a gift that keeps on giving, long past Mother's Day. You didn't want to get on Mom's bad side.

But flower, candy and card companies, as well as charitable groups, quickly seized the day as an opportunity to reel in funds, and Jarvis, angered by this, actually spent the rest of her life trying to abolish the holiday she'd created or, at the very least, restore it to its original noncommercialized roots. That's billion with a big "B".

You probably know how much your mom had to do to have you and raise you. I learned that from my own mom, when she and I were speaking of pets.

On this day, people on social media not only wrote about their love for their mothers but also enlisted the things they are grateful to her for. In the picture, Varun and his mom are colour-coordinated and smile for the cameras. "There is no one as great as a mom". "But sinceMother's Day is officially on Sunday my Dad and I will take Mom out for dinner".

By the time of her death in 1948 Anna had disowned the holiday altogether, and even actively lobbied the government to see it removed from the American calendar.

When all is said and done, we like to lavish goodies on mom.

Smith: The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is when I was a teenager, I was on the verge of perhaps doing something that wasn't in my or society's best interest, she was my enforcer as well. How many times do we just shrug and go about our business? She held us all together, taught us to be decent and responsible, and to love. "Love u more than words can say". The individual who founded the US observance-Anna Jarvis-had one idea how the day should be marked.

Baby K is one-year-old and came home from Mother's Day Out with my first Mother's Day present (from her, anyway) - a gladiola she planted in a little pot smeared with brightly colored paint.

That's a lot of love for mom. Just buy your mom something small (flowers, jewellery, chocolates or a teddy bear) and ask a friend or family member to deliver it to her, and voilà, the flawless surprise. Trust me! I'm naturally an impatient person, and when things aren't happening on my time, I get aggressive. I was about 13 and had a newspaper route with houses, apartments and a trailer park where I would throw papers. The West Virginia native began by writing letters to newspapers and politicians, urging that a day be deemed for the goal of honoring motherhood. She allowed you to be. Yep, and she had a job to start each day at 8 a.m., too. The trailer park, with 70 customers, was designed in such a way that I could not throw newspapers on the porch from a vehicle. She raised money for medicine, inspected bottled milk, improved sanitation and hired women to care for families where mothers suffered from tuberculosis.

Give your mom a framed photo of the two of you.