Young Jayson Tatum Was Desperate for a Follow Back From LeBron


The win allowed Cleveland to complete its much-anticipated 4-0 sweep of Toronto, sending the Raptors to yet another shameful exit for the second straight season. This is the way things have been for him these last magical weeks. He also set an National Basketball Association record in that game by making 17 of his 26 contested shot attempts, many coming in the second half when he scored 27 points on 13-for-19 shooting from the field in only 19 minutes of action.

And even after he hit the jumper that gave North Carolina coach Dean Smith his first national championship, and even after his two subsequent All-America seasons, Jordan wasn't the first pick of the 1984 NBA draft.

LeBron might be carrying the Cavs, but he can't tote them to another championship. James could fall to 3-6 in the finals, and as a free agent this summer, he could be leaving Cleveland again for a destination with a younger and more formidable team.

Irving was named Rookie of the Year following his first season with the Cavs in 2012 and quickly became a leading player for the franchise until the return of James from the Miami Heat in 2014. That's even with missing out on the last 15 games of the season due to knee soreness. "But now I'm like, 'Geez his triple doubles are history now because of Russell Westbrook, '"McGill said".

It wasn't about being the man, it's how good can I be? Many people might look at the Cleveland's roster and say they have more talent. He defended smartly, ran the floor and didn't shrink from the moment, finishing with 14 points on 5-for-12 shooting, 10 rebounds, three assists and one turnover in 37 minutes as Boston came up just short against the three-time-defending Eastern Conference champs. Every player out here can have one good week and blow away the field. Should the most hard shot be crowned as his best? Alas, LeBron has chosen not to get updates from Tatum's Twitter feed - as of press time, anyway, though that could change. Hadn't been raised to understand how to lead and help you win necessarily. LeBron can score; he doesn't need me to score.

But the Cavaliers haven't faced a team with as many weapons as the Celtics command.

"What M.J. did getting to the Finals and dominating the league like he did, he did it in a different way than LeBron is doing it, just because of the nature of their body, the build and their game and their mental makeup".