GOP voters in W.Va. reject ex-convict for Senate


The nomination still hasn't been called between Rep. Evan Jenkins and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

That's because there's a high correlation between Trump's approval rating and where Republicans and Democrats stand on the generic congressional ballot. "I think right now he has a lot to think about".

He said the negative tone of the Republican primary will work in his favor in the general. Blankenship was also referring to Chao's ninety-year-old father, who founded an American shipping company called Foremost Group, when he said that McConnell's "China family has given him tens of millions of dollars". Morrisey was the eventual victor in the race.

McConnell said the lessons learned in past GOP primaries when controversial candidates advanced to November and then lost to Democrats provided a valuable roadmap for his party.

Both Democrats and Republicans view November's election as key to Senate control.

Now, Trump has to decide how aggressively he'll back Morrisey over Manchin. "Don Blankenship does not believe it should be Patrick Morrisey and he doesn't believe it should be Joe Manchin".

Kendra Fershee, a West Virginia law professor, who will take on Republican incumbent David McKinley this fall, celebrated her victory Wednesday morning, writing on Facebook, "I woke up so incredibly grateful today".

In other highly anticipated races, two candidates for the 3rd District have been chosen, with Democrats selecting state Sen. Still he says there are reasons why more Republicans voted.

It's Trump's Party: On Tuesday, not one Trump critic won a Republican primary.

"My message is consistent and will continue to be - I'm going to fight for the little guy regardless of whether she works in an office or works in a diner", Mr.

IN-09: This is another Hoosier State race with a heavily-favored GOP incumbent and a Democratic nominee who could pose a challenge.

Blankenship conceded Tuesday night, chalking up his loss to the lack of support from Trump.

Easily the most watched race in the state was the Republican Senate primary, and the GOP dodged a bullet when it came to that one.

"For a long time, Washington, D.C., has flown over West Virginia and took on Joe Manchin with his rubber stamp of liberal values", said Morrisey. Even some Democratic primaries have seen a few moderate candidates emerge with the goal of winning back, rather than further alienating, Democratic and independent voters who have given their support to the president.

After the West Virginia election results, McConnell's Senate campaign team tweeted a sarcastic photo directed at Blankenship's failed campaign. Jenkins came in second, earning 35,286 votes, or 28.02 percent, followed by Blankenship, who tallied 25,403 votes, or 20.17 percent.

Another Indiana contest was less contentious: Greg Pence won the primary for the congressional seat his younger brother, Vice President Mike Pence, once held. Ted Cruz (R), and former representative Mike Espy has an open field to the Democratic Party's nomination in MS as Republicans are engaged in a bitter, ideological contest. "I don't get into the details of politics, but I just think that he should not be involved in the state at all", he said.