Google Assistant becomes smarter, to get six new voices


"Google is weaving its assistant deeper into services such as maps, and making it more immersive through visuals".

The move signals how Google has increasingly focused a lot of its R&D on breaking new ground across the many facets of AI. Microsoft is trying to get a foothold, too, with its Cortana platform. It's rolling out gradually this week and will be available to everyone on Android, iOS and the web in 127 countries by next week. Now you can tap “Assistant voice” and test out Voices 1 through 8. Soon, you'll get to choose one of eight different voices, and one of those is John Legend. Without the Skill, Alexa doesn't know how to turn your heat up or down.

The feature is clearly a reaction to the problem of "fake news".

The new Google News experience begins with a "For You" section that has a briefing of five top stories Google has pulled for you. Google is focusing more on the visual side for the Assistant. That includes personal information, like appointments and interestes, along with information queries such as weather reports, sports statistics, and movie times. Hours of stories, games and songs will be available for any household that embraces Google Home.

There's a thin line between Google's aim of making its assistant like a human and not deceiving real humans with software like Duplex.

Google Duplex - Google Assistant's creepiest feature yet, which can make actual phone calls that sound very human - was without a doubt the best product unveiled at Google I/O this year. To get a hair appointment, and to make dinner reservations. That's amazingly powerful, and concerning at the same time.

Machines that can use these complicated algorithms to sort through vast quantities of data are what makes AI super cool, and super customised, too, and this week at Google I/O, when it wasn't showing off all the great things Android P will do, Google was talking up some of the fantastic ways it is making AI special this year. In another demonstration, Google Assistant made a reservation at a restaurant. It was reason for pause in an otherwise promising presentation - a sign that though Google can do awesome things with just the press of a button, it still has a ways to go when it comes to being the kind of responsible company it is claiming to be. In a business or political scenario, however, that's actually pretty scary.

Some large investors warned early this year that Apple should consider the impact excessive use of smartphones had on the mental health of young people. It was first on the scene, but seems to have fallen behind the competition. Then the company approaches it's access shortcuts which open to you the five apps the Operating system thinks you most likely want and product development. With Siri on HomePod, you can't.

If you don't have an ecosystem, make sure you integrate with someone who's building an ecosystem. "We're still developing this technology, and we want to work hard to get this technology and the expectations right". "Have a wonderful day.' I'm looking forward to 1 p.m". Google's AI technology isn't smart enough to learn to do many other things quickly. This is what they're calling an "unfiltered view of news from around the world".

Google Photos will soon have a new feature that will give the ability to separate subjects from the background in photos and add more colour.