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As part of this push, Microsoft announced a new app called Your Phone that gives Windows 10 PCs a direct connection to iPhones and Android devices. Microsoft is also previewing Project Brainwave, an architecture for deep neural net processing, for Azure and on the edge.

Microsoft had a series of conversational AI-related announcements to make today, including the first-ever Cortana-Alexa demo, and updates for better small talk from Azure Bot Service.

Your Phone app by Microsoft will be available for both iOS and Android.

Some other companies, like Dell and HP, have gotten texts to work on iPhone, but Ranganathan explained that uses a workaround, and that her team doesn't want to use something that isn't properly supported.

The change means that Custom Vision can now work more effectively on devices such as drones and industrial equipment without requiring cloud or network activity.

The conference and the new initiative offer Microsoft an opportunity to emphasize its philosophy of building AI for social good.

A figure that's likely to be even more pleasing for Microsoft relates to its Office 365 service, which now has 135 million monthly active commercial users.

If you receive a text message to your phone it will be mirrored on your Windows PC screen. On stage, the company demoed how you can have a Microsoft Edge open and start tabs for things like PowerPoint, Word, and Photos right in the same window. There have been several attempts to bring more developers into the Microsoft Store community to create more applications to attract more users, and yesterday, Microsoft announced the latest such attempt. This new experience will begin to roll out in the Windows Insider Program soon.

Security updates to Windows Server, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft scripting engine, Windows app platform and frameworks, Windows kernel, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows storage and filesystems, HTML help, and Windows Hyper-V. This allows developers to create tailored apps based on the unique needs of a business or industry.

Microsoft plans to detail the new few structure in a new App Developer Agreement that will be released later this year.

KitGuru Says: I'm guilty of checking my phone more often than I should while working, so I like this idea.

Since coming into existence in 2012 under the previous avatar of the Windows Store, the Microsoft Store failed to make any serious mark, falling behind the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.