Trump defends nominee for Central Intelligence Agency


They will not be asked by party leaders to vote no. Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia has said only the most laudatory things about Haspel.

In the case of Haspel, a Kentucky native, there is overwhelming information detailing how she used poor judgment in decisions relating to rendition and interrogations of suspected terrorists following the September 11, 2001 attacks against our country.

Warner on Monday wrote a letter to Haspel, obtained by CNN, saying that the Central Intelligence Agency has failed to make enough of Haspel's record public - and he urged Haspel, now acting Central Intelligence Agency director, to intervene herself to declassify additional materials. Brennan has acknowledged he was aware of the program, but that he raised personal objections internally and, in its aftermath, publicly disavowed techniques like waterboarding.

Trump stressed Hapel's gender in a Monday tweet touting the nomination following reports her nomination was in trouble. "Ms. Haspel, I encourage you to take these issues seriously and to address them at length".

Haspel said she "never watched the tapes", but she knew that her fellow officers were in danger because their faces were on the videos. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico., and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky announced that he will oppose Haspel.

Mohammed's request to provide unspecified information to the committee was disclosed by one of his lawyers, Marine Lt Col Derek A Poteet, who is helping to defend him from death penalty charges before the military commissions system at the Guantánamo Bay naval station. No Democrats have said they intend to vote for Haspel.

The Washington Post reported that she had offered to withdraw he nomination.

It took a pliant Secretary of State to not make waves about the "black sites" being set up and run outside the control of the local US ambassadors, generally the person in charge of all USA government activities, programs, and relationships with the host nation.

The truth is that Haspel did not become the chief of base at an overseas terrorist interrogation camp until after the waterboarding of terrorist suspects had ended.

Acting CIA Director Gina Haspel will be questioned during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

Haspel is expected to convey a similar message before the committee - one she has already told senators in private. The hope, too, is that the president's comments will motivate Republicans to back her up at Wednesday's hearing and the likely subsequent vote by the full Senate.

After meeting with Haspel on Tuesday, Oregon Sen. He has praised Haspel's three decades of intelligence experience and has said Democrats are wary of her because she has been tough on terrorists. But he also wanted to hear how she "would react if the president asks you to carry out some morally questionable behavior that might seem to violate a law or treaty". But Feinstein said Haspel supported the methods while they were being used and that she supervised one of the sites "where some of this "interrogation" - so-called - went on". It took an eager group of lawyers in the Department of Justice' Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) to write the opinions effectively redefining torture out of existence, thus providing a legal shield for anyone participating in the program.

Haspel ran a black-site prison in Thailand where another high-level detainee was tortured in late 2002. Senate Democrats, and a few Republicans, have serious concerns about her time directing "black site" interrogation centers post-9/11, and her successful push for the destruction of almost 100 videos documenting interrogation sessions. Some lawmakers have also complained that documentation about her career in the clandestine services is not available for vetting - including some that she ordered destroyed.