John Legend Joins Google's New Assistant Voices


But just days ahead of its formal debut the next-generation OnePlus handset, the company has announced the the availability of Android P Beta on the smartphone.

ANDROID P: The version of Google's Android phone software will infuse basic functions with AI smarts. What does Android P have in store, and what will it likely be called? These include the Essential PH-1, Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6, Oppo R15 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ2, Vivo X21, Vivo X21 UD, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Android P won't be released until later this year, and even then, phone manufacturers and carriers frequently limit Android updates to their newest phones.

Since it's meant to be a reference device, the ADT-2 will be only available for developers and not for general public. "Our goal is, one day, to get the accents, languages, and dialects right globally", said Pichai.

What can be expected from the new Google Android P beta? You will be able to see top headlines from various sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, social commentary, and a timeline for stories that have played out over time.

"Changing how you navigate your phone is a big deal, but small changes can make a big difference too", Google said in its official blog post.

The setup will also be able to suggest which apps should be auto-downloaded and installed thanks to the Play Auto Installs step. Want to cancel that expensive and ill-advised gym subscription that you now never use?

The OS also has new updates in volume control and screen rotation. What's normally a rally for creators to get starting making products for its Android operating system - turning into a lesson in using the magic words. Android P will predict actions so that you get to do your tasks faster. Generally the company gives the award for the best app during the Google I/O event as it did in 2017. It would not have the multitasking button that shows all the apps running in the background.

Keeping with the trend of allowing for more natural conversations, the Google Assistant is also getting Multiple Actions.

This new Adaptive Battery works with the advanced machine learning technology. This prioritizes battery power for the apps and services used the most and learns how the user sets the brightness slider based on their surroundings. It will adjust the brightness according to how the user would like it depending on the environment. The Home screen looks much cleaner and minimalistic. Smart Compose will be available in the next few weeks to customers who opted for the refreshed version of Gmail. A "shush" mode automatically turns on the "Do Not Disturb" mode when you turn your phone face down on a table.

TechJuice for Browser: Get breaking news notifications on your browser. The new abilities of the Google Assistant will let Assistant make calls on your behalf to book appointments at restaurants, parlours, etc, and all you need to tell him is the date and time range that is convenient for the appointment. Users must opt-in to the Android Beta program to be a part of this preview update.