John Bolton on Iran deal pullout: United States not relying on "paper promises"


Obama left the Middle East a smoking wreckage heap - a situation so grim that even Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have been forced to ally with Israel to allay fears of an Iranian regional takeover. He said he expected it to take "some time".

The prospects of saving the deal depend in large measure on whether worldwide companies are willing and able still to do business with Iran despite the USA sanctions.

"This is the US telling its European allies to drop dead".

Johnson hit back saying, to be fair to the United States administration, "they have decided that there is another way forward", which is just different from the UK's view. He added that "it was clear that the Americans are not trustworthy".

Asked about the potential impact of new USA economic sanctions against Iran on British firms seeking to do business in the country, Johnson did not go into specifics but indicated the government would be supportive of companies.

The Revolutionary Guard is a paramilitary force dominated by hard-liners, which answers directly to Iran's supreme leader.

Meanwhile, Iranian legislators set fire to a U.S. flag inside parliament, shouting: "Death to America!".

"When I make promises, I keep them", he said.

A company employee in his 40s said Iran should stay in the accord and maintain its relations with countries around the world.

In other words, Iran is likely to demand further concessions on sanctions and economic commitments from the remaining parties to the deal, which also includes China and Russian Federation, in return for continued cooperation.

In a joint statement, Germany's Angela Merkel, Britain's Theresa May and France's Macron voiced their "regret and concern" at Trump's decision.

Mr Le Drian said he and his British and German counterparts would meet Iranian representatives on Monday to discuss the next steps.

Inside Iran, President Rouhani's initial reaction was to translate Iranian anger and disappointment into nationalism.

Clinton, during her tenure as secretary of state, helped negotiate the crippling global sanctions that brought Iran to the table.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain had no intention of walking away from the deal, known as the JCPOA.

"Trump's abandoning of the nuclear deal was a diplomatic show".

The Vienna-based IAEA was tasked with monitoring and verifying Iran's adherence to the 2015 deal with six world powers. SANA news agency earlier reported that two civilians were killed in the Israeli airstrike.

Trump's slogan is "America First", but a better description would be "America Alone".

Netanyahu gave a televised address minutes after Trump's announcement on Tuesday to express his strong backing for the "historic" decision, announced in a speech in Washington that reflected numerous Israeli premier's positions.

In an earlier tweet Khamenei said: "I don't trust these three European Union countries either".

"Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues", Larijani said.

But Bolton said that cooperation with Europe on Iran was not over.

Israel will now be closely watching Iran's response to Trump's decision, particularly over uranium enrichment, which was constrained under the deal.

Iranian moderate newspapers on Wednesday sought to buoy embattled President Hassan Rouhani, with the daily newspaper Asr-e Eghtesad proclaiming: "Iran's diplomacy has blunted Trump's blade".

The inconvenient truth for Donald Trump is that, as far as it goes, the nuclear deal was working. The power centres in Iran include the moderates led by Hassan Rouhani, the current president who pushed for the JCPOA domestically; Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who holds absolute power in the country; the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its allies, a group of hardline conservatives who advocated for and ran Iran's nuclear programme exclusively by themselves.

Representatives from France, the United Kingdom and Germany - key signatories to the six-nation negotiating group that brokered the 2015 Obama-era Iran deal - would meet with their Iranian counterparts on Monday and were committed to preserving the agreement, Le Drian said.

A stunned Iranian nation anxiously watched on Tuesday as President Donald Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the historic nuclear deal with Iran and reinstitute crippling economic sanctions.

Murphy said members of Congress let Trump know they were willing to work with Trump to add to the JCPOA, but "the president rejected our overtures", and he doubts that lawmakers will be able to work with him on those measures. They also burned a piece of paper representing the nuclear deal. It also has been common to hear it within parliament.