Iran Glad that US Pulled Out of JCPOA: Army Chief


More: Who wins, who loses in Trump's decision to pull the USA from the Iran deal? "German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately", tweeted the USA ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell.

All the deals are dependent on United States licences because of the heavy use of USA parts in commercial planes.

The decision marked a stark diplomatic defeat for Europe, whose leaders, repeatedly and in person, had begged Trump to think again.

For many in Europe, Trump's decision was no surprise: He has been a longtime critic of the Iran agreement - a signature foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration - which placed curbs on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting global sanctions.

Democrats said Trump's move would alienate United States allies internationally and risk progress that had been made with Iran under the 2015 agreement.

"The Iran deal is defective at its core", he said.

Trump also said he would initiate new sanctions on the regime.

But it's not clear whether that will be enough to ensure Iran receives the promised economic benefits - including free access to worldwide oil markets and accelerating flows of trade and investment - that persuaded the Islamic Republic's leaders to sign up to an agreement capping its nuclear programme.

"We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions". This year, Chinese officials say they will consider inducting Iran into the 8-member Eurasian security organisation.

"I have instructed the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization to take the necessary measures for future actions so that if necessary we can resume industrial enrichment without limit", he said.

Le Drian said that "we are ready to work on a widened accord" that would address Trump's concerns about the 2015 deal aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Leaders of the three countries encouraged Iran to show restraint in response to the decision by the US.

What about the other countries involved?

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"From this time on, the nuclear deal is an accord between Iran and five countries", Rouhani said in live speech broadcast from Press TV. A renewal of sanctions would give the country's leaders little reason to adhere to their part of the deal.

"China calls for all related parties to strengthen dialogue and coordination" over the deal, she said.

Israel, though not a signatory, has been a staunch opponent of the deal from the beginning.

The deal was "a recipe for disaster, a disaster for our region, a disaster for the peace of the world", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in praising Trump's decision.

"Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons".

Those sanctions, enforced by the US Treasury Department, presented foreign banks and corporations with a stark, airtight choice: "You can do business with the US banking system or do business with Iran, but not both".

Approximately 120 German companies operate in Iran with their own staff, and 10,000 German companies do business with Iran, according to the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

Western airlines, carmakers, hotel groups and oil companies all jumped to sign deals in Iran. Such enterprises could now turn into huge losses - and this could hit consumers in the West.

China, a voracious consumer of oil, holds great sway because it's Iran's biggest customer. The flood of supply came at precisely the wrong time for the oil market: excess supply was already depressing prices at the time. This could push up prices at the pump. His hardline opponents, often said to be closer to Khamenei, had expressed more scepticism.

Could a new deal be secured?

In probably his first statement on foreign policy after he left the White House in January 2017, Obama said there were few issues more important to the security of the USA than the potential spread of nuclear weapons or the potential for an even more destructive war in the Middle East.

"The EU, and also Denmark, will do everything we can to remain in the agreement, even though the United States is now pulling out of it", he said.