Merkel: Germany Standing By Iran Nuclear Treaty For Now


European signatories of the deal have been trying to persuade Trump to save the pact.

"The Iran nuclear deal is not based on trust about Iran's intentions; rather it is based on tough verification", he said.

However, contrary to Netanyahu's description of the obtained intelligence as "new and conclusive", there was little new - Netanyahu has repeatedly accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons for years - and, according to worldwide experts, proved nothing conclusively.

"The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands".

Shinzo Abe has been referred to as the president, not the prime minister of Japan.

Ravid cited am Israeli official who told him that during a meeting at white House on March 5, Netanyahu presented Trump and his senior cabinet members - Pence, Mattis, Tillerson and McMaster - with an initial analysis of the "Iran Nuclear archive".

"On 11 occasions since, the United Nations nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran has implemented all of its obligations", Zarif, who studied in the USA, says in American-accented English.

"I believe the JCPOA (the Iran nuclear deal) was an important diplomatic victory and I think it will be important to preserve it but I also believe there are areas in which it will be very important to have a meaningful dialogue because I see the region in a very unsafe position", he said.

Tehran dismissed Netanyahu as "the boy who cried wolf", and called his presentation propaganda.

"They were supposed to tell everything to the IAEA", he said. "We have no intention to attack Russian Federation or to interfere in domestic Syrian issues".

If it's not a good deal for the USA and Israel, shouldn't we prefer that it be over as quickly as possible?

"We'll see what happens".

Though Mr. Obama should have submitted this deal to Congress as a treaty - because "No worldwide agreement in a generation matches this in strategic significance and geopolitical gravity" - said columnist Charles Krauthammer in September 2015, he didn't because he knew he would never get it ratified. These include Iran's missile systems and its support for Hezbollah. He questioned whether inspection could adequately keep Iran from developing weapons in the future.

"At first sight, they (the details) confirm that part of the Iranian nuclear programme, as France and its partners stated during the first revelations in the summer of 2002, was not civilian", said the spokesperson in a statement received by AFP. This is the specific goal of Project Amad.

"That's like five Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles", Netanyahu said in his speech.

"Israel's wonderful intelligence has not provided a smoking gun". The time has come to end appeasement and to treat Iran as the worldwide pariah it has become.

But not everyone was sure that Netanyahu did the right thing by showing the stash on primetime TV.

"If one day there is a better agreement to replace it it's fine, but we should not scrap it unless we have a good alternative", Guterres said in an interview with BBC Radio 4. He said Trump, who has little political understanding, is likely to withdraw from the JCPOA. Hence, said Mr. Krauthammer, "the astonishing provision buried in Annex III, Section 10 committing Western experts to offer the Iranian program our nuclear expertise". He said the nuclear deal was "based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception". Obama's flawed nuclear deal released over $150 billion in assets frozen by strict sanctions, which the mullahs have used to export terrorism and to bolster Bashar al-Assad's murderous civil war and other vicious conflicts in the Middle East.

"Instead, they lied to the IAEA repeatedly".

Most of the purported evidence Netanyahu presented dated to the period before the 2015 accord was signed, although he said Iran had also kept important files on nuclear technology since then, and continued adding to its "nuclear weapons knowledge".