Facebook to launch dating service


Facebook has close to 2 billion monthly active users, and that's something no dating app can achieve, be it Tinder or Bumble or even India's Shaadi.com (not a dating app strictly speaking).

As per a post by Zuckerberg on his account on Facebook the feature would be discussed at the annual F8 conference which started today.

"Facebook has 200 million people who consider themselves lonely, so here is something to work on", Zuckerberg was quoted by Reuters.

If you're looking for a new dating site, you might want to consider turning to Facebook.

Facebook Dating isn't here to take on Tinder.

Zuckerberg also told the audience that privacy issues would be kept in mind. For first time in several weeks, Zuckerberg went before a public audience and didn't apologise for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a political data-mining firm accessed data from as many as 87 million Facebook accounts for the goal of influencing elections.

There isn't much information about the new service available right now, but Zuckerberg's statement was enough to send the stock of Match Group down by 18 percent.

Facebook is set to enter the online dating sphere.

Before F8, Zuckerberg announced a new feature known as "Clear History".

The company also planned to launch an artificially intelligent bullying filter to Instagram communications, to block "language meant to harass or upset people", and revealed it was working on a tool to allow big businesses to communicate with WhatsApp users.

Benchmark also doubts that Facebook could easily match Match's product and consumer knowledge despite its massive trove of user data. Your existing Facebook friends won't appear as potential matches. Even when you're not logged into Facebook it's actually gathering information about you from other websites you use or through your general browsing.

Mr Zuckerberg reiterated the company's plans to restrict "data that developers will be able to request from people", but said the social network would likely fail again.

Match, which has acquired its way to becoming the clear leader in the dating field, uses Facebook to authenticate users on some of its apps, making the social media network a key part of its business.

Cox also said that people who use the dating service will use separate messaging tools from Facebook's other messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, because "people wanted a separate space". Instagram will also be sporting new AR features similar to Facebook's Camera Effects Platform.

Instagram will also get a feature allowing users to post information from apps directly to their Instagram Stories which last for 24 hours, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook has said it will take a "few months" to build the tool so probably don't expect it anytime before July at the very earliest.

"This is an arms race; we are going to be working to stay ahead of our adversaries forever".