Windows "April 2018" update rolling out from today


However, by deferring the update, it is likely that your device will no longer receive security updates and new features which the latest OS version promises.

For some time now, everyone has been calling the next major release of Windows 10 the Spring Creators Update.

"We're also helping you focus while on the web with updates to Microsoft Edge".

Windows 10 April 2018 Update will also include a Near Share feature which works a lot like Apple's AirDrop as well as quick pairing for Bluetooth Devices.

Microsoft is killing off the entire notion of HomeGroups, and removing a few other features from Windows 10. Windows will scan your PC for junk and leftovers - including Previous Windows Installation (s) - and give you the chance to remove them. You can enable the feature when necessary or set up for specific times when you want to particularly keep the constant notifications at bay, and revisit them later. Head to the Settings menu, tap on Update & Security, then click on Windows Update and then hit the magical "Check for Updates" button until Microsoft decides on sending the update to you. One thing you couldn't do previously was elevate a program when launching it in this way, but this changes in the April 2018 Update. NHS trusts were late to apply security updates a year ago leaving the service in turmoil as malware ravaged computer systems. Created to boost productivity, it stops you being distracted by things like social media, email notifications, breaking news stories and more, blocking anything unrelated to the task at hand from going through.

As with all updates, it is always recommended to make sure your device is running the most up to date software possible. Modern web technologies such as Service Workers, push notifications, and OS integration for deep linking in the Start Menu, or adding jump lists, allow PWAs to look and feel like an installed app, but with the benefit of being a web service that can be updated continuously. Many of you will surely know that Microsoft has had to repeatedly postpone the roll-out of the new major update of its operating system due to a bug uncovered at the last minute. You can even set it up according to your app usage, so if you're playing a game, for example, it won't let anything disturb you. Those who'd prefer to wait for Microsoft to begin pushing the update to them will begin seeing it arrive via Windows Update starting May 8.

Finally, Windows 10 April 2018 Update will increasingly embrace Fluent Design. "Much of this time is spent on social media, where the constant stream of distractions across our myriad of devices makes it hard to focus", explains Microsoft's blog.