Service Snapchat introduced the second generation glasses Spectacles with camera


For the first time, through a partnership with Lensabl users can order Spectacles with prescription lenses. The new Spectacles come with a higher price tag as well: $150, which is $20 more than the first version. Just long press to take a picture and then tap to take a 10-second video and extra taps will let you take a longer 30-second video.

The product is simply a pair of sunglasses with a camera built into it, and it is possible to export the clips to the phone's gallery or post directly to Snapchat.

One of the biggest changes is that the V2 can take photos and video, whereas the previous version could only record video.

Spectacles are now more comfortable to wear with a smaller profile, and they're water resistant - so you can bring them to the beach, or your next pool party!

Now, the next version of Spectacles is on the way, and according to Cheddar and other sources, there may be two versions to choose from, including a $300 unit sporting two cameras, Global Positioning System and other tech goodness.

An FCC filing earlier this month showed that the company wasn't giving up, however, with the company's CEO confirming yesterday that it would be releasing a new model this week. Considering that a regular pair of Spectacles costs around half of that price and that we haven't witnessed a massive number of sales, it is very questionable how these plans will turn out for the Snap Inc. The first gen model had a wider retail footprint including availability though Amazon though Snap said one reason the first gen device failed is because it suffered from a "fragmented" marketing effort. While the first version was available in black, teal and coral, the new Spectacles will be sold in only onyx, ruby and sapphire shades. However, its presence, and its upgrade, do nothing to solve the real issue here: Nobody wants your Spectacles, Snap.

Snapchat has officially made the new generation Spectacles available in the US, Canada, UK, and France. It can transfer upto 70 videos with single recharge. Like the original, the glasses have a small camera situated in the outer upper corner of each eye, but photos now transfer from the spectacles to your phone significantly faster. And you can choose between two different lens shades to customise your Spectacles further.