Josh Rosen, Kolton Miller selected in first round of NFL Draft


People really misconstrued that.

Talking about a guy's family or being racist are just a few. My passion for this game lies in the game, not my need to play it. Tons of players needed this game, needed the money, played it out of obligation and burned out.

"I have personally not encountered that". It was definitely a surprise when I got that phone call in terms of the emotions I was feeling. His pocket awareness and footwork from within the pocket is one of the best we have seen from a rookie in quite some time. "At the end of the day, that's all players really care about anyway".

Rosen, meanwhile, seemed ready for some closure.

Rosen finished his career with a 17-13 record as the Bruins' starter. He was not surrounded by elite talent, either, which makes some of those numbers pretty impressive.

While Rosen might be upset about his position in the draft and the fact he was passed up for other quarterbacks, he at least enters a great situation in Arizona. "It's like that big brother, little brother thing". I look forward to Rosen showing us who he really is.

Entering tonight, there was the distinct possibility that four quarterbacks would be drafted in the first 10 picks.

While most players would have been thrilled to be in Rosen's position, exasperation lingered on his face, and what came next probably didn't help.

Josh Rosen's critics have been plentiful throughout the 2018 draft process. If Jackson gets pressed into action early his mobility makes him a superior fit in Arizona, with David Johnson potentially back at 100 percent and a reinforced offensive line. He is not the kind of guy who is going to get out of the perimeter and be a dual run-pass threat.

This was definitely one of the rare draft trades where both teams came out on top. Where is the franchise quarterback going to be available?

"Aaron literally texted me right before the pick", Rosen said. "So I love his talent, but I'm very anxious about his ability to survive". But he doesn't feel that means he isn't dedicated to being the best quarterback he can be. Mechanics are on point.

"Will sometimes force hard throws instead of taking the easier short stuff or simply throwing the ball away".

NY doesn't have a second-round selection this year, but has one pick in each of the five remaining rounds.

If all of these are going to turn off multiple teams on Rosen, then that is going to be their loss. If he goes to Denver, that's great.

So, if Arizona stays at No. 15, it's likely that first-round pick will be a non-QB - perhaps wide receiver Calvin Ridley or cornerbacks Josh Jackson or Jaire Alexander - with a second-tier quarterback - Lamar Jackson? - selected sometime after that.