When does 'Westworld' season 2 start? Premiere date, time, trailer


Before we go on, please note that there are SPOILERS for Season 1 here. You won't want to miss this season, especially with how the first season ended. Where, when and how can you catch the latest episode Westworld?

If you're anything like us, you don't need to be told that Westworld returns to HBO this weekend (just in case: Westworld returns to HBO this weekend).

The second season of the HBO show kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. ET with a 70-minute episode.

So at the very least, there will be three episodes that will run longer than an hour. The show will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic and then repeated the evening of 23 April.

Though he didn't confirm or deny an exact 2020 premiere date for season 3, Nolan did mention that extended development periods and production between seasons is a key part of discussions Westworld creatives are having with network HBO. It's super easy! All you have to do is click on the big, blue "subscribe" button located in the right column near the bottom of each post. (I'm a Black Hat, and will even be wearing it for the premiere.) What world would you vacation to if Delos Corporation gave you a free vacation?

EPISODE TITLES: The title for the premiere is "Journey into the Night".

That's a rather big reversal for a character who caused a whole lot of trouble in Season 1. Going with the statement passed by Wood, the network should be dropping word on the third season in the coming months.

Ford was actually being forced out and essentially planned the massacre that takes place, beginning with Dolores putting a bullet to his head.

So is "park one" Westworld? Did he make a host version of himself as a decoy? It was the host whom Dolores killed, not Ford, some fans have theorized. And it's also unclear if Ford is really dead.

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So will William be on the side of the company, or the hosts? Fans are guessing that he didn't die, but was just injured badly.

Will we see more Westworld parks? .

The are still more stories to be told and more secrets to be unravelled in the critically acclaimed Westworld television series.

We were first introduced to her as the sweet rancher's daughter whose life is thrown into chaos due to the daily actions of the guests living out their Wild West fantasies at the park. Others are slower to surface as we begin to glimpse Westworld's early days, see the hosts on the move in new territory, and meet drone hosts.

Was anyone left alive? . The deaths of multiple board members made everything a lot more complicated.

For much of her career, Wood says her salary has been the same for years.

Does Maeve have any free will? But what happens when Maeve finds her? Ford wanted to "roll back" the hosts so that they would lose this consciousness.

"There's a good reason", Wood continued. "It's a longer, harder goal she has in mind and this is the first step along the way". Her tablet that Bernard was holding mentioned that she was going to "infiltrate mainland". However, that doesn't mean she was being paid equal to the other main characters.

The audience sees Maeve up until the point where she is about to leave the park and thus, begin mainland infiltration.