Regulators To Require Inspections After Jet Engine Explosion


Other passengers posted photos on social media showing them holding their oxygen masks while an audio recording revealed a calm, unflappable pilot requesting medical assistance.

"This incident is just a contributor to an overall risk assessment", he said.

A New Mexico bank executive who died on a Southwest Airlines flight was remembered Wednesday as a dedicated mother of two who helped others find jobs, volunteered around Albuquerque and brought often fractious sides together. Seven passengers were injured.

A group of courageous passengers have been praised for their heroic attempts to save fellow passenger, mother-of-two Jennifer Riordan.

The airline issued the payments after a Tuesday flight from New York City to Dallas was rocked by an engine explosion in midair, killing one passenger.

Needum and registered nurse Peggy Phillips attempted CPR for about 20 minutes but were unable to revive her due to massive head trauma. "And I felt the calling to get up and do something, stand up and act", Andrew Needum said.

"Jennifer's vibrancy, passion, and love infused our community and reached across our country", her family said. We didn't know what was going on, ' Mackey told KTVQ.

"That sound, some people have said it was a pop".

"PEOPLE: Listen to your flight attendants!" "The first thing they probably are going to do is pull every single one of those other blades off and X-ray them to see if they've got a similar type of failure waiting to happen", he said.

The company said it needed longer than 12 months to carry out inspections of certain fan blades after an engine blew up on another Southwest flight in 2016.

It appeared from a visual inspection that metal fatigue was the cause, Sumwalt said.

The airline is expected to wrap up its inspection of the engines it was targeting in about 30 days.

Federal investigators say an engine fan blade broke mid-flight, which caused the plane to drop thousands of feet in seconds. Sumwalt said the plane touched down at about 190 miles per hour, while a jet of that size would typically land at around 155 miles per hour.

Southwest Airlines announced its own program for similar inspections of its 700 planes over the next month.

Marty Martinez captured this image of the blown out engine after the plane touched down in Philadelphia.

The Federal Aviation Administration maintains cellphone signals "could interfere with critical aircraft instruments", which is why we're told to shut off our phones, or place them in airplane mode, during a trip.

"She has nerves of steel".

Blair Keetch, who said he used to take more than 250 flights a year, added: "At the very least, it's polite not to ignore them and it's possible that this could be life-saving info!" "I feel for her family". The pilot is being hailed as a hero for the way she landed the plan and remained composed during an interaction with air control.

Passengers reportedly pulled her back in as Needum tried to save her.

"She was out of the plane". After landing Stephanie Needum said Shults immediately came out into the cabin.

He says numerous affected passengers were not using the masks correctly, which is like not having a mask at all. There are more than 13,000 of these engines in service made by CFM International, jointly run by General Electric and a French company. United Airlines executives said Wednesday that they had begun to inspect some of their planes.

The flight from Dallas to NY was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an explosion in the left engine sent shrapnel flying through a window, killing 43-year-old bank executive Jennifer Riordan. "They're behind the blades so you can't look so fine you can see them".

The aircraft was a almost 18-year-old Boeing 737-7H4 with the tail number N772SW.