The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln On Why Rick Spared [Spoiler]


Several of them died outright, several more were injured, and Negan was left with a badly wounded hand after attempting execute Dwight. Mrs. Rhee promised Jesus and Daryl that Rick and Michonne would be shown the error of the ways, which naturally has fans anxious about what that vague threat means.

As for the "troubled survivor" mentioned in the first part of the synopsis, the automatic assumption here is to think of Morgan. Wrath tried its best to make Carl a Christ-like (sorry Jesus, I'll get to you in a minute) figure of peace reached by his dying example to both Rick and Negan.

The Big Bad thought he had Team Rick backed into a corner, after he "ambushed [Rick's] ambush with an even bigger ambush".

And after a climactic battle in which many of Negan's followers, the Saviours, were wiped out by their own defective bullets, Rick seemed willing to do just that. After all, the episode did end with Rick and Carl walking off into the sunset together at the farm they visited pre-apocalypse. He wants that for all of the communities.

Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl seem to be beginning to formulate a coup against Rick.

Cohan (whose distressed reaction to Rick's let-him-live decision was the best part of the episode) nabbed the lead role in the ABC pilot Whiskey Cavalier, which, coupled with her lack of contract, could make fulfilling her Walking Dead duties hard. He did brutally beat her husband to death in front of her, and his track record didn't exactly improve after that. He gives one of his Rick speaches, telling them all that they're going to go home.

Sure, Dwight has somewhat redeemed himself, but how should he be forgiven over Rick? Daryl didn't want him hanging around Hilltop, driving him out to the middle of the woods for a heart to heart. When he let Dwight go in the woods with a vehicle, I thought for sure that Daryl was letting his anger go. Failing that, they need to get rid of the whole season A and B schtick. It could likely mean that Rick and Michonne are in danger, but in danger of what?

Victor Strand went from con artist to business man, but that doesn't mean he's gone totally legit. And if so, how would Rick react? Rather than allowing her prisoners to take up residency in permanent jail cells, Maggie reintroduces corporal punishment to The Walking Dead universe.

"In a different show, Morgan would be like 'really?'" Lennie James says of Morgan's chance encounter with the most talkative guy on the planet.

Fans of the original source material knew that if the show were to follow the books then this is where the story would lead, but it's the events that follow which remain shocking.

"It was like, 'how can I get him to stop calling me about Negan?".

Maggie may be looking for revenge, but revenge on Rick isn't her top priority. And this wasn't just a juggernaut leading into a spin-off show for a ratings boost. The new world begins. And I think anyone involved in that plan will face consequences.

Explaining how the producers approached the task of bringing Fear the Walking Dead closer to the flagship series, Gimple says, "It was to take the great stuff from the first three seasons, it was additive, it wasn't about subtracting". It was the right thing for the character, it was the right thing for the world. No one quite knows what to expect from him - and that's why he makes for arguably the show's most compelling character.

"Like, he could kill Negan". Would you have killed Negan?

The Walking Dead fans got a two-for-one last night as the AMC hit series aired its Season 8 finale, which transitioned smoothly into the Season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. It revealed that there is another The Walking Dead character appearing on the spinoff.