Proof of Syria chemical weapons attack


In a televised address from the White House, US President Donald Trump said: "A short time ago, I ordered the United States Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad".

The Daily Caller collected 40 tweets issued by Trump from 2013-16 in which he expressed his displeasure over Syria.

Celebrating his crushing victory over rebels in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, where the suspected chemical attack took place, Assad was said to be in a "good mood" today.

The nighttime Syria assault was carefully limited to minimize civilian casualties and avoid direct conflict with Syria's key ally, Russia, but confusion arose over the extent to which Washington warned Moscow in advance. Mohammed says he doesn't think the strikes will have any impact unless they come along with an enforced agreement to remove all chemical weapons from Syria. "While long-term questions remain on our engagement in Syria, I support the decision by President Trump to join with our allies to launch the targeted military response tonight to hold the Assad regime accountable".

"This is something we are not going to tolerate", Haley also said Sunday.

Train workers, hospitals staff, students, retirees, lawyers and magistrates: they are all protesting the way President Emmanuel Macron's government is changing France. McKenzie says the missiles were fired after the "last impact" was over.

"We specifically identified these targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved", Dunford told reporters.

The Kremlin had warned Washington that Russian Federation would fend off any strike that jeopardized its servicemen in Syria, and the West respected the red line by giving advance notice of Saturday's attack, just as it did a year ago when it struck a Syrian air base.

Investigators from the global chemical weapons watchdog swarmed to Douma to begin a gruelling inquiry into the horror gas attack after Russian Federation and Syria shrugged off as non-existent.

"The United States and its allies continue to demonstrate blatant disregard for worldwide law", he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has summoned her Cabinet back from vacation to discuss military action against Syria over an alleged chemical weapons attack.

"The Syrian regime knew full well what it was doing", he said.

Because the US did not commit ground troops to the conflict, the White House is treating Friday's strike as a separate conflict that starts the 60-day clock over.

He says people want to see justice after seeing the chemical attacks in Syria. Insulting the President of Russian Federation is unacceptable and inadmissible. "We have to be conscious of the fact that we can't allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons".

Venezuela and China, however, condemned the airstrikes as violating worldwide law.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad told a group of Russian lawmakers on Sunday that Western missile strikes on his country were an act of aggression.

"Canada stands with our friends in this necessary response and we condemn in strongest possible terms" the use of chemical weapons in Syria. "Those responsible must be brought to justice".

That order left many of Trump's national security advisers on edge, concerned that pulling out even that small United States force would result in a power vacuum that Iran could fill.

"Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine military".

New resolution: According to French Ambassador Francois Delattre, France, Britain and the United States will soon present the Council with a new draft resolution aimed at achieving a lasting solution in Syria.