Mark Zuckerberg faces off with American lawmakers Video


You can become frighteningly familiar with the details of what the social network knows about you by accessing your Facebook data.

In response to questioning by Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, Zuckerberg acknowledged: "I'm not familiar with all of the things the FTC said". He had two encounters, one with the Senate and one with the House. So, it's time to play the devil's advocate and answer some FAQs. It was alleged that conservative voices were shut down more than others.

Kennedy, D-Brookline - who was one of the 100 members of Congress who questioned Zuckerberg - said numerous questions were not fully answered.

This Is Your Digital Life, a quiz app developed by a University of Cambridge academic named Aleksandr Kogan, pulled in both incoming and outgoing messages from several thousand accounts of people who downloaded the app. While this week the Silicon Valley giant's stock has experience a modest recovery as its CEO appears calm and collected in front of USA lawmakers, the high-flying FAANG stock saw roughly $100 billion shaved off its market capitalization in the weeks following its latest data crisis. But now, it seems that this feature has been abused to scrape data by using simple scripts. Cambridge Analytica was no accident.

"Facebook provided an example to other companies, of which they should take heed". It must make money.

Facebook has maintained that data was resold without permission.

Well, not much, because this is normal. The Data Abuse Bounty, inspired by Facebook's existing bug bounty program, will help the platform identify violations of its security and privacy policies.

The company reiterated that it's committed to launching this program as part of its efforts to effectively uncover potential abuse of people's information.

Facebook said 87 million users around the world were impacted by the data scandal, far higher than initial estimates. Julian Wheatland, chair of Cambridge Analytica's British counterpart SCL group, will join as CEO soon.

Cambridge Analytica offers its services to businesses and political parties who want to "change people's behaviour"!

Facebook is looking to know basically as much as possible about its users. And that means the consent of Facebook users is not informed.

According to the law, organisations will be held accountable for the personal data they collect from people.

Without this treasure trove of personal preferences and habits, Facebook couldn't align advertisers with a targeted audience - out of 2 billion subscribers worldwide - for their goods and services.

This will damage the relationship between Facebook and the research community as well as undermining public trust in the research process - making it more hard for bona fide researchers to go about their work.

If we are going to continue to use Facebook, as users we must also learn how to crackdown on the site and protect ourselves.

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At the time, as he points out in his short film, there was no such thing as mass media in the USA other than television. Time to use the product, get all the benefits and give none of them away. Don't get me wrong, energy management is extremely important for all companies with data centers at the core of their business practices.