School District to finalize superintendent choice on April 17


Board members Linda B. Owen, who represents the 9th District where Greene Elementary is located, and Cheryl L. Burke, who represents the 7th District where George Mason is situated, said they want the new schools to reopen with new names. "I'm really proud. I'm very, very proud". "We are dealing with trying to correct the deficit".

Her revised proposal for consolidating schools differed from the administration's original draft proposal, which additionally called for the closure of Rafting Creek Elementary School in Rembert. The district has received a bid of $48,000 for the property at Emerson and $80,000 for South. "I have spent most of my life in education".

The board voted 6-1, with director Mindy Allison the lone nay vote, to post the position as an interim one and keep it open until the position is filled.

The board adopted a proposed budget of $173.7 million at its April 10 meeting.

The Board is expected to negotiate a contract with Dr. Posley, which plans to be approved on April 17, 2018.

At that presentation, Tom Durkin of VEBH also provided possible needs for the high school, not listed in any level of importance.

Mary Thomas, board member, said they need to discuss as a board what the options are for a district reconfiguration.

"We think that given the market that we offer in terms of who attends events at our high school, we think we are a pretty attractive draw, not just for local businesses, but also regional and national partners", Stone said.

Merrill Sweitzer, board member, asked how much contact the administration had with Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates Architects regarding the feasibility study. Boyden said unlike in the past, the state now will fund vocational training, so the district was able to take that out of the budget as well as projected revenue. "These people are insinuating that, and it upsets me". The committees will continue to work in the fall with hopes of a final report of findings to the board by November, she said.

"He reprimanded us for our behavior at board meetings".

"That's why I made the recommendation for buildings and not programs".

"Their budget has been all about choices the last few years and although they are telling us it seems that they are making decisions in other areas that increase expenditures and decrease expenditures in things like instruction", Ethredge said.

Prairie Wind Middle School Principal Scott Bjerke let the school board know that he and his staff are going through the surveys sent out to parents regarding parent-teacher conferences and how that process can be improved to get more parents involved in conferences throughout the school year.

Update on Tomah students enrolled in Rural Virtual Academy.