Zuckerberg $4.5b richer after grilling


While there was plenty to say about his actual testimony, many people couldn't seem to get past the tech mogul's courtroom look (or his use of a booster seat) while testifying. Do you think the company has people's best interests in mind?

CNBC reports that both the London-based elections consultancy and Facebook are at the center of an ongoing dispute regarding the alleged harvesting and use of personal data.

Facebook has been embroiled in controversy after it emerged that Cambridge Analytica improperly shared data from 87 million users of the online social media and social networking service company. These days, the Lewiston High School grad is working for a small, nonprofit company called The Center for Humane Technology, which focuses on privacy issues and the idea that many social media platforms and other online services are created to be addicting.

Chances are someone you have corresponded with - by email or mobile phone - has let Facebook's data spiders crawl through their correspondence, thereby allowing your contact data to be assimilated entirely without your knowledge or consent. Until two weeks ago, when they announced they were ending it, they were actually buying data from data brokers about your offline transactions and all the stuff that they couldn't see when you were on the Internet: your level of income, your auto ownership.

"I'd like to ask before I go into my questioning", Long said during the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday, "what was Facemash, and is it still up and running?" While investors were cheered by Zuckerberg's calm responses to barrages of questions, many lawmakers have begun to express outrage at the ways the company has run its business for years. "They make nearly all of their money selling advertisements". It shouldn't be surprising that perhaps we are not going to have as productive a conversation if people are using the same words to mean different things and they are not coming from the same place.

"I think one of the problems here is this has been a giant experiment in corporate social responsibility and what it shows is that it has failed in this respect".

"Every time there is a control right there", Zuckerberg said. Cambridge Analytica then obtained the data and was said to have used it to try to influence elections around the world. He also said that the firm will be increasing resources to investigate apps and take appropriate actions.

BEN RAY LUJAN: Facebook has detailed profiles on people who have never signed up for Facebook - yes or no.

Facebook is starting to notify its users if their information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg was unable to answer Dingell, the MI congresswoman, when she asked how frequently Facebook used computer code embedded in websites to gather dossiers on virtually everyone online. While not all respondents were Facebook users, a whopping 17% of respondents reported having removed the Facebook app from their smartphones, and 9% had deleted their accounts altogether.