Tallahassee women rally to close gender wage gap


On Tuesday, groups around the country spread the word about the pay gap that still exists between men and women. One way women are raising awareness today is by wearing red which has also been used in many same pay movements across the globe and holding red signs, Vogue helped by producing a list of different red ensembles, all of which were straight off the runway and still in the spirit of the movement. Every year, advocates talk about closing the gender wage gap on Equal Pay Day - which falls on April 10 this year - and pull out these numbers to show the scope of the issue.

Compared to the already horrendous 20% gender pay gap, The NYT shared information that designers like Karen Millen actually had an even more staggering 49% gap, while beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics reported one that sat around 30.7%.

In general, American women earn 80 cents for every dollar men make - it's a fact that's startling to some, but not surprising to others.

"Women make up roughly half of the labor force, but we still face outdated workplace policies that perpetuate unequal pay, particularly for women of color and moms -and 81 percent of all women become moms".

Because women tend to earn higher grades than men, the gap isn't due to academic differences between the genders, they noted. On November 1, Latina women will hit the benchmark.

Women under age 40 earned an average of $0.79 for each dollar earned by men in 2017, down from $0.82 in 2016.

Louisiana residents believe there is significant discrimination against women and that lawmakers should continue making changes for workplace equality, according to a survey published by the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs at Louisiana State University.

"Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovino says he will appeal the ruling in the equal pay lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court".

Although Illinois women now comprise almost half of the state's overall workforce, they still earn, on average, only 79 percent of their male counterparts' wages. The narrowest is in NY, where women earn 89 cents on the dollar compared with men, followed by California, 88 cents; and Florida, 87 cents.

In 2017, women were 21% more likely to achieve top performer status than men. On April 10, Boom Boom Brow Bar is donating 20 percent of all services to charities that are helping fight the wage gap. Accounting for time she might have to take off work to care for children or an elderly parent, the female character made 43% less than what the male character made by they time they were 85. What's more, once women start moving into a once-male field, the pay for those occupations begins to fall.

What is Equal Pay Day? .