Stormy Daniels cooperating with federal investigators


The prosecutors obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel in the Russian Federation investigation, Mr Robert Mueller, according to Mr Cohen's lawyer, who called the search "completely inappropriate and unnecessary". "And I think Mueller is a person of stature and respected, and I respect him".

News first reported that Daniels was cooperating with investigators. They could potentially pursue a prosecution of Cohen and/or Trump if it was justified.

The source confirmed the FBI was looking into the payments, including the Enquirer link, but they were "not the main focus of that part of the investigation". "If they are discussing how to commit a crime, that is also not privileged", he said. She has already recounted the details of her affair with Trump in an interview with CNN.

"Then, if you lose that fight, it's quite possible that anybody who's seen that document is off the case", Litman said.

Cohen told CNN on Tuesday he is unhappy with what happened.

But the president's ire has been directed at Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein's successor overseeing the special counsel's investigation could follow a similar path.

Agents were seeking records on payments to Daniels and another woman who said she had an affair with Trump, according to the New York Times.

"He was in this meeting to focus on Syria but it was clear his mind was elsewhere", she said. But she did not close the door, adding: "I can't speak to it beyond that".

"He certainly believes he has the power to do so", she said.

Cohen's lawyer, Stephen M. Ryan, said Monday that prosecutors seized communications between Cohen and his clients based in part on a referral by Mueller.

Sources familiar with the president told the Times that the president began questioning aides and advisers about whether he should fire Rosenstein.

The nature of this request to overcome attorney-client privilege and get a warrant for Cohen's communication with Trump has spread evidence far beyond Mueller and his team. And now federal agents are combing through Cohen's files, computers, and phone records.

"Many people have said you should fire him".

Cohen was an early supporter of Trump's presidential ambitions, creating the 2011 committee called "Should Trump Run?" and flying to the first-caucus state of Iowa to explore the possibility.

Trump ignored questions about the ongoing legal drama Tuesday.

Either way, Trump angrily referred to the raid on Cohen as a "disgrace". She said that she thought they would publish her account but that they were really paying to squash her story. He called Mueller's investigation "an attack on our country", prompting new speculation that he might seek the removal of the Justice Department's special counsel.

"It's an attack on what we all stand for", Trump told reporters at the White House.

Trump slammed Sessions for his "terrible mistake" in recusing himself.

Cohen, however, said the experience was "upsetting to say the least" and admitted he was anxious about the investigation. After signing the NDA, Daniels' was wired $130,000 by Cohen - a disbursement of funds the president says he knew nothing about.

Cohen, who has been described as Trump's "fixer", says he's not thrilled about what might come next.

Trump is considering firing Rosenstein, CNN reported separately on Monday. But he went off script.

CNN stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking for documents pertaining to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Slow walking - what is going on?