Cardi B Defends Choice to Keep Child: "I'm Prepared for This"


Cardi B released her first studio album Invasion of Privacy on Friday. "It was the craziest pain ever". Her career can only go up from here. Then there's "Eeeeooowwww! (higher)", which as she put it, "It's like, 'Oh my god, I'm hosting the Jimmy Fallon show". "Well ... somebody died on her table".

The rapper is also keeping the gender of her baby a secret at this point.

She seems to be telling one long story here - about self-empowerment, beating the odds, transcendence - but the force of Cardi's narrative resides in the sound of her voice as much as it does in her words.

But the Bodak Yellow singer came out to perform her second song of the evening and there was no denying that she is in fact expecting. Francis is reportedly charged with criminally negligent homicide but remains overseas and has not been taken into custody. The Bronx-born rapper can attribute this figure to the massive success of her debut Atlantic Records single, "Bodak Yellow", which topped the Billboard Hot 100 last September and is certified 5x Multi-Platinum (5 million units) by the RIAA. "When I was 16 years old, I used to hang out with a lot of ... I hate when you talk about something that's going on in the community, people think, because you're famous, you doing it for clout", she says. While I doubt that I will listen to this album straight through again, I can say that it is way better that I expected it to be. I'm smarter than what people think. She was just starting in music and needed a plug to help her reach the mainstream.

"It doesn't make your money", she told GQ. It's just like - it doesn't make your money.

On Sunday, her sister, Hennessy Carolina, appeared to spill the beans when she congratulated the Invasion of Privacy hit-maker on her pregnancy.

Cardi B, who revealed her pregnancy live on Saturday Night Live recently, gave an interview Monday where she explained that she "didn't want to deal with" abortion and expressed disgust with those critical of her pregnancy.

She also engaged with fans.