WrestleMania 34: The Undertaker Returns to Challenge John Cena


They have faced each other before when they were in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but now fans want the general audience to witness the athleticism and in-ring storytelling that happens when these two meet.

Rousey delivered an excellent performance on her first outing in WWE and drew strong reactions throughout.

The Showcase of Immortals - as it is built by WWE bosses - did have some dud moments like an unknown child winning the tag-team title. Lesnar, the current champion, is reportedly looking to get back into the octagon for the UFC.

Matt Hardy won the opening match of the WrestleMania Kickoff with help - yes, help - from Bray Wyatt. What's the deal with the Undertaker?

I'll probably start off with the customary Savage/Steamboat and move on to some Michaels/Undertaker, the WrestleMania equivalent of setting up the tree and hanging stockings above the fireplace.

There's been a lot of speculation regarding the Deadman.

Finn Bálor (not demon) emerged in his usual gear but with lil' rainbow stitchings on them and surrounded by the LGBT+ community of New Orleans.

John Cena and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson battled for the WWE Championship.

The bloodied challenger tried to topple Brock by vaulting off the ropes with a spear - the same move he used to defeat The Undertaker past year. It's WrestleMania. He'll be there. It hosted the event in 2013, WrestleMania 29, featuring some of the WWE's biggest names.

Let's see if the WWE tops WrestleMania 29 and 34 in East Rutherford, NJ. The latter will be gunning for revenge when the two wrestlers take to the ring Sunday.

After so much promo and "hype", Brock Lesnar went up against Vince McMahon's beloved Roman Reigns and his non-existent empire.

Following the ring success for Rousey and Angle - who, like Rousey, previously transformed from MMA to professional wrestling - she headed over to the "WrestleMania 34" crowd and pointed at her husband Travis Browne.

Speculations are rife that The Undertaker, who seemingly retired after his defeat to Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33, may return to WWE for what is being touted as more than just a one-off appearance at WrestleMania 34. WrestleMania for WWE fans is the equivalent of the Super Bowl in the NFL, the Stanley Cup for the NHL, the NBA Finals, The Premier League Championship for English Soccer. Gamers, you're in luck, too!

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