Mark Zuckerberg says it will take 'a few years' to fix Facebook


Now that the usual suspects - Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, app developers - have lined up to face the music, one guilty party is having a hard time looking in the mirror.

On March 20, the FTC is rumored to have opened a case to investigate Facebook's actions in relation to Cambridge Analytica, which may or may not relate to a previous Facebook consent decree.

Much of what Zuckerberg said was in the realm of social science or economics, but he did demonstrate that he understood his users' belief that Facebook would take care of them.

USA Today stated that some of the larger tech company's CEOs have tried to project themselves as being more responsible for the treatment of their customer's data.

That would be Channel 4 in London, which along with the Guardian newspaper broke the story of Facebook's data disaster earlier this month, leading the company to lose $100 billion dollars U.S. in value since it's yearly high in early February.

That said, it remains to be seen what punitive consequences might be leveled against the company with time, but the unofficial aftereffect has been that some users are fleeing from the platform and going elsewhere.

Denouncing a social media giant like Facebook is intimidating, especially since I present myself as a whistleblower.
Many users who fear that their personal photos, lists of friends, contact information and social media behaviors might be mined for commercial or political gain are looking for ways to limit the information they share or to sever ties with Facebook completely.

"The objective of this post, like many others I have written internally, was to bring to the surface issues I felt deserved more discussion with the broader company", the statement reads. But rather than pulling ads from Facebook, the ANA suggests that the whole ad ecosystem should "systematically "report back" to consumers what advertisers know and what choices consumers have to protect their privacy". Data collected from us was being sold both directly to those annoying ads that you see and indirectly through third parties.

In his interview with Vox, Zuckerberg deflected Cook's critique, pointing out that unlike iPhones, which can be expensive, Facebook offers a free service that everyone, regardless of class or income, is able to use. The data includes the personal detail such as likes and dislikes, marital status, ethnicity, kind of users purchase, and duration of user spent on the Facebook.

The latest gold star for his shambolic outfit involved a data analytics firm founded by Steve Bannon called Cambridge Analytica, which worked directly with the Trump campaign and was busted for accessing and harvesting data from 50 million oblivious Facebook users. "You know, I find that argument, that if you're not paying that somehow we can't care about you, to be extremely glib".

"So one of the things I think we need to get better at as we grow is becoming a more global company", Zuckerberg responded.

"You can't take the benefits of self-regulation and simultaneously make the claim, 'Hey we were operating within the confines of the law, sorry if you have a problem with it, '" he said.

Kogan creates a quiz app, installed by around 300,000 people, giving him access to tens of millions of their friends' data. "While this is common industry practice, we believe this step, winding down over the next six months, will help improve people's privacy on Facebook".

Where do you stand in the Cook vs Zuck feud?