Winter weather returns with two separate storms over Easter weekend


A narrow band of moderate to heavy snow is likely early to mid Monday morning, but exact location will likely be hard to ascertain ahead of time.

Forecasters also say a narrow band of heavy snow that could drop 5 or more inches is possible across the northern half of Missouri and western portions of IL, but as of Saturday morning, it's too early to pinpoint where that band might be. At least 20.7 inches of snow fe;; at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

Snow falls in downtown Champaign Sunday afternoon. It's April 1st, Easter Sunday, and we are preparing for a Monday morning commute filled with rain, and even some sleet and snow in our colder areas.

A steady snow will likely begin between 3 and 6 am tonight. Typically, we say 1 inch an hour, but given the time of year, it may have to be 1.5 inches per hour.

On Easter Sunday, another quick-moving disturbance develops in the Central Plains and brings a hit of heavy snow from Nebraska to northern Kentucky.

Greater Boston could see up to 4 inches, but 1-2 inches "is what the region can expect", said Bill Simpson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "In fact, in many areas, the temperature may never get below freezing, so that should help get the roads, -if there are any issues-better pretty quickly early Monday", said Thompson.

The most snow our area ever received on April 1 was 4.3 inches, a record set in 1962. The rest of the week will then feature breezy conditions with temperatures several degrees below normal.

We look to stay mostly cloudy through the day with winds increasing out of the south.

With more clouds and rainfall on Tuesday, the temperature should remain steady although in the blustery conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, it may feel a little cooler. Either way, temperatures Sunday are not much warmer in the middle 40s under partly sunny skies.