Thursday Apple Rumors: iOS 11.3 is Now Available For All


iOS 11.3 has arrived on your iPhone's doorstep, waiting to tell you just how well/badly your battery is doing and let you play around with more Animoji. Here are the highlights. Other new features and bug fixes were also added in this update.

In December, Apple admitted that it had been throttling the processing power on older iPhones so that their batteries would last longer, essentially confirming long-held conspiracy theories that Apple slowed down older phones when new ones are released. Older iPhones with spent or damaged batteries are prone to shutdowns if the peak performance is not reduced. The chain of the improvements in iOS comes with the first feature of viewing the Battery Health which you can access by clicking on the Settings and then selecting Battery. The new feature can be found in the Settings app, nested under "Battery", called "Battery Health".

Battery and Performance: As CEO Tim Cook had promised earlier, the feature that allows users to have better control over their battery is finally here.

The release also comes at a particularly hard moment for Facebook, which is now grappling with a mounting controversy over how it's handled users' personal data.

Apple has tried to address the issues it had faced a backlash for previous year, by ensuring the customer knows at every step of the way about the iPhone's battery levels and performance capability.

Notably, the feature isn't visible unless your device has shut down unexpectedly and you can't turn it on unless you have run into the problem. Before the update, the medical records section of the app was only available to the people who had signed up to test a pre-release version. This gives patients greater access to their lab results, medications, conditions and more. However, this will only be available in countries that support an emergency service. Health Records data is encrypted and protected with a passcode.

Apple's Business Chat feature in iMessage will let you chat directly with businesses. Make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network! If you look up a business in Maps or Safari, you may see a Messages icon to start chatting. It'll show you your progress toward closing Activity rings, and you'll even get to see when new songs are added to Apple Music mixes. But right now, only a limited number of retailers support it - and not necessarily at all locations. Till then, enjoy the new iOS 11.3 update. This may be because newer smartphones are generally expected to still have good battery performances.