Christians to gather for reflection, prayer as part of Good Friday observance


"Each of these is a 'life issue, ' and since the resurrection of Jesus is about life - life overcoming death in all its ugly forms - each of them is also an Easter issue".

His sacrifice par excellence the Old Testament sacrificial system because Jesus reconciles the believers and restores the relationship that was broken by Adam's sin.

Mum you are a great blessing and I wish you a good day full of everlasting happiness. But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs, but one soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out. He said the message of Easter is " victory".

As the Easter 2018, we celebrate in different style but the belief always follows same as the year goes. So, because Jesus was buried on Friday evening and rose on Sunday morning, He was in the tomb "three days and three nights" by Jewish reckoning. The beloved disciple saw all these and believed.

"Their tour guide will take them on a journey with Jesus, leading up to his death and resurrection", said Ashley Weir, Children's Minister. The fantastic array of events and activities we have planned this Easter demonstrates just how versatile the event space at Kirkgate really is. And they also told me, 'Please don't take us to the West. Whether Jesus actually physically died on the cross or not, is not important. Because the truth is ... we hate to think about death.

Dennis said: "The "Beast from the East" might have departed but much more unsettled conditions look set to make a very unwelcome return - with the risk of snow for some of us, and strong winds and rain for a lot of the country".

As Christians, we daily thank God for his blessings and a chance to show his love to others.

"Jesus' true motivation was to fulfill God's love for the world and to offer eternal life to the humankind", Kim explained. It is the message that shall live forever. He had just met with hundreds of young people earlier that week and listened to their concerns about the Church and the world.

Casting a pall over the most important feast of the liturgical calendar is a sense of homesickness, according to Ashur Sargon Eskrya, Iraq president of the Assyrian Aid Society, a humanitarian organization that provides assistance to Assyrian Christians in Northern Iraq.

Mark Winnington, Cabinet member for Economic Growth at Staffordshire County Council and Deputy Chair of Enjoy Staffordshire said: "We have a thriving tourism economy here in Staffordshire and a fantastic range of attractions".