After the March for Our Lives: What Happens Next?


Additional sister marches took place across OH, in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and beyond.

"I am afraid to go to school every day, because I am afraid I won't get out", she said to a crowd of hundreds during the March for Our Lives rally in Shelton.

An estimated 2,000 people marched in Oakland. Together, we are so powerful, ' organisers tweeted.

"It is oftentimes very easy to just sit back and be quiet about things, but over time, it just gets really hard to just sit down", he said.

The children will lead us?

Last week, students from more than 3,000 schools took to the streets from Washington Los Angeles and from NY to Parkland on National Walkout Day to call for action against gun violence. Students hope to apply more pressure for effective gun control.

On March 14, the students walked out of their classrooms, fighting for change and joined by students from more than 3,000 other schools around the country. While some took a blunt approach by directly calling out the National Rifle Association for their part in keeping gun laws as lax as they are, other signs took less direct approaches and simply called for a review of our current solutions to this problem.

"It's a shared message: That we are all standing here against gun violence", Wright said. "But we have to remember that soon, we will be the ones running for office and setting the example for generations that come after us".

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"Like all great movements, it's the students who rise up and carry it forward..." Fight for your lives before it's someone else's job.' Emma Gonzalez, 17-year-old Parkland student and survivor who became an icon of the Never Again movement after her moving, impassioned speech in the days following the shooting.

The organizers strive for changes in areas that would lead to gun violence, specifically in schools. They also noted that the issue of gun violence extends beyond school safety.

The bill also authorizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct research on the causes of gun violence. "Regardless of being overseas, I thought it was incredibly important to attend the protest because being away from the United States has made me feel more connected to the American community, which is why I think it's important to protect it", Goldberg said.

Maddie Guess, an 8-year-old at Mill Creek Elementary School, said she wanted to participate in the march "to help other kids". "People teaching in the school systems and people who have kids in schools are ready for change however they can get it".

"I personally feel like I can't afford to wait until someone does something", Bernstein said. They believe that, while the shooter is ultimately responsible for this terrible crime, the complacency and inaction of our nation's government has allowed gun culture to reach a risky boiling point. They aren't impossible to enforce. Teenagers were affected this time, and they can organize. "We are marching to show lawmakers that we are here and we are going to continue to demand action until something is done", he said.

Their battle is one Lester said she believes in. Emma Gonzalez, a Parkland senior, held the stage for 6 minutes and 20 seconds, much of that in silence - the amount of time it took a shooter to kill 17 people at her school in Florida on February 14. "That's when we can start regulating gun control".

They can organise as many marches and concerts and vigils as they like but none of it will alter the cold facts of this debate. He killed 17 people-all of whom were recognized during speeches throughout the rally. Learn their stances on the issues.