Apple Unveils It's New Cheaper iPad and Offers Schools Discounts


There are teacher- and student-friendly apps and a lower cost for Apple's new iPad that's designed for schools.

"This new 9.7-inch iPad takes everything people love about our most popular iPad and makes it even better for inspiring creativity and learning", he said.

The biggest challenge for Apple is that as Chromebooks have swept through US schools, administrators, teachers and students have grown to like the combination of easy-to-use computers plus software that children can use for coursework both in and out of class. "Normal wear and tear" are fine, but any screen cracks or broken buttons will drop the value considerably - or leave you with nothing more than "We'll recycle your iPad for free".

Google on Monday, a day before Apple's announcement, unveiled its Chrome OS tablet made by Acer.

It seems that the market is flooded with new tablets from various companies right now but everyone remembers that Apple were the original source of the idea with its iPad.

Sure, the morning was filled with lots of education focused products, apps, and curriculums, but let's not forget, this new iPad can be used by anybody.

The new iPad is the same size, has the same screen, uses the same sensors, and boasts the same eight-megapixel camera as the model it replaces.

Apple's marketing materials for the new iPad are also wildly different from how the company sells the pricier iPad Pro.

Attendees at the event were treated to live demos of the new software, including a chance to try its Swift Playground (Apple's coding app for kids) which is getting a new augmented reality module.

The additional features announced Tuesday include an app called "Schoolwork" that is created to help teachers make assignments and monitor their students' progress. The slate includes Touch ID (you can stare at the tablet for hours, but it won't unlock) and Apple says it will run for 10 hours on a single charge.

In addition to the new hardware, Apple also launched a new app called Schoolworks, through which teachers will be able to provide handouts (class lessons in PDF etc) and specify activities for students.

The biggest new feature coming to the new iPad is its functionality with the Apple Pencil with a slightly updated A10 processor. Apple also announced it will upgrade its free iCloud offering from 5GB to 200GB for students and announced there will be a cheaper, $49 stylus from Logitech which will work with the new iPad. (The price of the device remains US$329 for most buyers and US$299 for schools.) Apple has a long history in the education market with its Mac computers and more recently with its iPads.

Earlier on in Apple's history, the company was the first to show many users the huge improvement from DOS environments to colorful graphical user interfaces, Krishna said.

Expect Apple to tout its programming chops: Apple has already been promoting its Swift programming language to kids, and previous year it expanded its "Everyone Can Code" program to Chicago schools.

We've been at this for 40 years and we care deeply about education. That positive experience, he said, created many lifetime Apple customers.