March for Our Lives: St. Louis rallies against gun violence


Five "March For Our Lives" events are scheduled Saturday in greater Riverside County to coincide with a nationwide show of solidarity with the Florida high school mass shooting survivors who are advocating for stronger gun control laws with a major demonstration in Washington, D.C.

IN high school students protested with signs saying "Protect Kids, Not Guns" as part of the national March for Our Lives event to press for gun control.

More people joining as the march progresses through Downtown Cincinnati. We need to unite across political parties.

Andy Rohrbaugh of Dillsburg said he marched as a "responsible gun owner" who wants it to be more hard for some people to buy guns.

"Their voices have had an impact across generations, across races, across people who aren't even old enough to vote and who aren't usually thought of as civically aware".

"It's so important to remember that while these teenagers are giving us hope and inspiring us and we want to rest everything we have on their shoulders, they're also kids who have been through something horrific", Wolf said. Protesters will walk to the USA consulate before returning to the plaza.

A recent Monmouth University poll found that 83% of Americans support requiring comprehensive background checks for all gun purchasers, including private sales between two individuals. Bump stocks were used by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people in the deadliest mass shooting in recent USA history.

Their unequivocal message on Saturday: The inaction that has repeatedly characterized federal lawmakers' response to school massacres and everyday gun violence would no longer be tolerated. "We have the power of change", the elementary school teacher said.

"You can't just stand silently and watch your neighbour go through a crisis like this". Nurses are joining the marches in Parkland and Sarasota, Fl., Washington D.C., Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Tex., Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Calif. I am writing this to honor my friends who are not here with us today, to share their stories, and to ask politicians for change.

Teens are expected to travel to Washington from all over the country, and some area restaurants are offering free or discounted meals to student activists. Next, he received a call from Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown saying they would cover the costs for the students' housing in D.C.

We will march for the 96 Americans every day who are killed by a gun.

"We have been through this cycle of suffering, death, and then resurrection happening in our neighborhood, and it was a time to unite with the suffering people of Parkland through prayer", Dorantes said.