700bhp Mustang among many new Fords released 'by 2020'


Among new SUVs in the pipeline are two boxy models aimed at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV's profitable Jeep franchise.

Ford previously announced plans for hybrid versions of the F-150 pickup truck and the Mustang sports auto, but now says it will introduce hybrid variants of the Escape and Explorer SUVs, as well as the upcoming off-road-oriented Bronco and likely another smaller, unnamed SUV. Among other things, we learned that the Explorer ST is officially happening, the upcoming Mach 1 electric SUV will have more than 300 miles of range, and Lincoln will show off a new Aviator SUV at this year's New York Auto Show. Just like the Bronco, we know nothing about this new vehicle, but we like the idea a lot! The new Ranger was also developed down under, and considering the two will share a shortened version of the T6 platform, we expect the Bronco to have almost all of the same capabilities - if not more. Chief Executive Jim Hackett, brought in last May to turn the company around, characterized the need to overhaul Ford's lineup and prepare for the electrified and autonomous age as an existential issue.

This is an as-yet unnamed small SUV. The automaker hasn't divulged whether it will utilize rugged body-on-frame construction like the Wrangler, or use a unibody structure. "The product portfolio is seen as dated and overexposed to passenger vehicle segments". As part of the Ford Performance division, FoMoCo foresees sales of ST-tuned vehicles growing another 71 percent by 2020, bolstered mostly by the increasingly popular sport-tuned SUVs.

The company also is slashing the number of option combinations that could be ordered for an individual model to simplify its build process. It's good to see that Ford is moving ahead with the performance SUVs.

While we await the arrival in full of the automated mobility reality, engineers attached to safety detail are working to improve safety levels for motorists.

Like most automakers, Ford Motor Company is about to bet heavily on SUVs and crossovers.

Ford's Co-Pilot360 system has automatic braking, pedestrian detection, lane keeping, automatic high beams (the vehicle can sense oncoming traffic and switch from regular to high beams to avoid blinding the other driver), blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross-traffic alert, and the backup camera all OEMs must include starting May 1. This will begin with the new Ford Edge this fall, followed by the 2019 Ford Ranger at the beginning of 2019.

The Dearborn presentation also touched the question of connectivity. The automaker touted its new hybrid system as more efficient and less expensive. Besides the F-150, models like the Mustang, Explorer, Escape, and Bronco will feature hybrid powertrains as well.

Both trucks and SUVs are the stuff of which Ford Motors is made of.