Decent: 'Nape O'ville' about to go green


People are gearing up to celebrate Irish heritage in greens and with lots and lots of traditional Irish food and plenty of alcohol March 17 to honor the patron saint of Ireland.

But the Irish immigrants slowly found acceptance in America and eventually became such a part of the nation's fabric that St. Patrick's Day is now celebrated from coast to coast-with everyone hoping to gain their own little luck of the Irish when tomorrow's holiday rolls around.

A celebration of all things Irish returns to York in time for a certain saint's day.

Sacré Coeur basilica will be among the Paris monuments that will be lit in green this weeked. However, for St. Patrick's Day they feature traditional Irish meals exclusively - the corned beef and cabbage pairs perfectly with a Jameson or cold Guinness.

The pinching on St. Patrick's Day is connected to another of the holiday's staples: the leprechaun. Paddy's Day isn't just a day to party.

"The best thing about celebrating St Patrick's Day in New Zealand is that you have licence to celebrate for almost two days".

According to St. Patrick, he was stolen by Irish pirates as a boy and sold into slavery to a farmer, where he tended sheep and pigs somewhere in the northern reaches of Ireland. In the parish hall, there will be free food available, along with Irish libations offered at a modest price.

The children of the McNulty School of Irish Dance have been hopping, skipping and jumping around Naperville since 1971.

Despite a Status Yellow snow and ice warning covering the whole country for today, the Dublin native said Irish people are used to getting on with life, no matter the weather.

Being pinched on St. Patrick's Day is a known tradition that unfortunately happens every year to the poor souls who forget to wear green.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade of South Boston is a must-see while you're in the city. The menu includes corned beef and cabbage, Irish Rueben sandwich, bangers and mash, the Blarney stone burger, fish and chips, Guinness beer bratwurst, and more. Where did the correlation of the color green and this holiday come from and more importantly why is there so much drinking linked to this holiday?

While that may be, there's one place in Naperville that really is Irish - Quigley's Irish Pub, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in November. We enjoyed hearing all about where they went, and what they saw.

Why is St. Patrick celebrated?

"I think I remember seeing you at that, (pauses) What's that bar over there", said Father O'Connor.

The Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held on March 17, 2018 and festivities begin at 12 p.m. Horgan said he still has many friends in Ireland and keeps in touch with them regularly.